Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just what my dreary morning needed to wake me up and give me a little chortle...a chortle which made me snort....does that make it a snortle?  I'll be here all night folks.  ANYHOOZLE.  Do you know who this front door belongs to?  One Ms. Dinah Lohan.  That's right...some amazing person out there (who I'm sure all of America would like to shake their hand) egged the hell out of the Lohan's front door...and apparently ripped their mailbox out of the ground.  She told all of this to TMZ, which is the most credible source in the universe and she's a famewhore, so why not?  If this is indeed true, I find it hilarious and brilliant.  Dinah Lohan is a tool with an even bigger tool for a daughter. 

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