Friday, July 30, 2010

A perfect union coming to an end.....

Maybe....who cares.  Scary Barbie has "officially" filed for divorce from Douchebag Ken.  They're little Malibu life together is coming to an end I suppose.  According to People Magazine, Montag, 23, cites the usual irreconcilable differences in the divorce petition filed in Santa Monica, Calif., Superior Court.  "Heidi has amended her petition for separation and today has filed a petition for dissolution of marriage from Spencer Pratt," Montag's lawyer Jodeane Farrell tells PEOPLE. "The couple has agreed they would like their divorce to be finalized in a timely manner in an out of court settlement. Both parties are amicable with each other and over the possibility of finalizing their divorce."   Well....alot of people think THIS is just another publicity stunt...honestly, I think their wedding was the publicity stunt and the 'divorce' --if it happens--was to be expected.  And like I said before...who really cares?

Are you surprised?

Snooks got shitfaced in public....and got hauled in for it!  People Magazine reports that she was booked in the Seaside Heights, NJ jail for what is being called 'disorderly conduct'.  The funniest part of all is that the cameras for the MTV show were ROLLING when this troll got taken in.  Perhaps EVEN funnier is the quote her 'friend' gave regarding the whole thing, “She didn’t hurt anyone or get in a fight,” says the second source. “She just needs to be in a drunk tank for two hours.”   I guess we all just need to be in a drunk tank for a few hours right?  Maybe....this little troll, I swear.  She's taken the place of Paris Hilton.  Famous for absolutely NOTHING.  Tisk, tisk little Snookers. 

STFU Dina Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan's mom is screaming to the press right now about the "conditions" her precious daughter is currently suffering with in jail.  Lindsay's supposed to be getting released any day now, nevermind that she hasn't even served HALF the sentence she got, but that's not enough for Dina.  OH NO.  Here's what this mess of a woman had to say, "“She doesn’t have cell phone privileges, that’s absurd. She doesn’t even have a pillow to sleep on. I talk to her through glass. There’s a phone and we put her on speaker but I can’t even hug my daughter. She’s treated like a common criminal.”  Oh really?  She's being treated like a 'common criminal'?  BECAUSE SHE IS ONE YOU DUMB FREAK.  No thanks to you and your stellar parenting skills I'm sure. 

Joey looks old....

USAToday's Lifeline Live talked with Matt LeBlanc about his "new" look...of looking old.  Joey (always and forever) has been seen in recent months with gray hair and just looking....old....not looking at all like the Joey we know and love from Friends.  Turns out, he's been dying his hair for years.  Why'd he quit?  "I just was sick of doing it," LeBlanc explained to USAToday.  Fair enough Joey, fair enough.  He's currently in Beverly Hills doing the press circuit for his new Showtime show called 'Episodes'.  I'm happy to see Joey on the air again....but he's always going to be Joey.  He will live in infamy as Joey.  I think I'm going to dig out my Friends DVDs.  I miss Joey. 

Dinner for Schmucks

This is one movie that I have seen several previews for and I thought it had potential to be funny, but was sure it would get panned by the critics as just another dumb remake of a foreign film.  Apparently the critics love it....I cannot wait to see this.  I think it looks like something totally different than whats been out for a while, so I'm excited.  USAToday gives it 3 out of 4 stars. The film starring Paul Rudd and Steve Carell is a remake of the 1998 french film The Dinner Game and basically consists of snobby, money hungrey execs in competition to see who can bring the most dimwitted fool to dinner.  According to the review from USAToday,  Tim (Rudd) is an ambitious financial analyst who gets roped into the aforementioned dinner by his boss (Bruce Greenwood), who insists he attend as he dangles a promotion. Tim's art curator girlfriend, Julie (Stephanie Szostak), is appalled by the idea, and Tim's decency makes him initially resist attending.  But an unexpected encounter with Barry (Carell) as he retrieves a dead mouse from a busy street provides Tim with his ideal dinner companion.  Rudd is a deft straight man, with subtly humorous moves and deadpan reactions.  Carell strikes comic gold as a bucktoothed taxman, always clad in a windbreaker and sporting a bad toupee of indescribable hue. He's unpredictable and strange, popping off with bizarrely funny comments at inopportune moments. Barry slathers himself in bad aftershave to cover up the stench of formaldehyde that dogs him as a result of his hobby fashioning intricate mouse dioramas. Though he works at the IRS, his mouse passion defines him.  These ridiculously detailed mouse tableaux are the movie's funniest running gags, and the "Tower of Dreams" Barry demonstrates at the dinner party elicits some of the biggest laughs.

Daily Franco.....

I KNEW IT!  I KNEW he wasn't done with GH now you get another Daily Franco...stop rolling your eyes and he is on the set of Rise of the Apes in San Francisco with that chick from Slumdog of the Apes...supposedly a 'prequel' to Planet of the Apes.  Sounds bizarre and offbeat and downright wonder James Franco is a part of it....I didn't like Planet of Apes, so I'm doubting I'd enjoy a 'prequel'....but we shall see....on with my day.

Ellen is leaving the Titanic

Well I can't say I was surprised at the news last night that Ellen was leaving American Idol.  This past season was quite possibly the most boring season of all...although many seasons have been less than stellar, but perhaps with Adam Lambert on the season before blasting through your television and stirring up publicity, ANYTHING was likely to be boring after that.  Ellen announced that she's leaving, Simon won't be there...America doesn't like Kara enough and Randy is just plain annoying so I'm not sure what's going to happen here.  The show is tired and worn out unless some amazing untapped talent shows up again.  I thought the show was done w/o Simon, but I REALLY think Ellen's departure and now rumors of Kara's departure are putting the final nail in the coffin.  Here's what Ellen released in a statement, "A couple months ago, I let FOX and the American Idol producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me,” she says in a statement. “I told them I wouldn’t leave them in a bind and that I would hold off on doing anything until they were able to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next. It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for.” DeGeneres adds, “I also realized this season that while I love discovering, supporting and nurturing young talent, it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. I loved the experience working on Idol and I am very grateful for the year I had, I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.”   America loved Ellen on AI, however, I never felt that she fit in, she always seemed very awkward on the judging panel and she's right, she didn't like hurting anyone's feelings....all that being said, I love Ellen.  She's a classy lady....I just think she recognized a dying show when she saw one and got out when she could.  Who do you think they'll cast as a new judge?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In more health/weight news....

USAToday's Lifeline Live also gives us the absolutely pertinent information that Demi Moore has gone from the Master Cleanse diet to the Clean Program, which is a 21 day detox.  Honestly, I have not figured out why people do this.  I get its to lose weight quickly, empty your system, whatever....I tried one of these in college once and all it did for me was send me to the cafeteria after about 24 hours and make me eat like one of the linebackers on the football team.  I kind of miss pizza day in the dorm cafeteria....I digress.  Anyway, Demi has been keeping the world updated on this ever so important new fad in her life via her Twitter....she said she only lasted 2 days on the Master Cleanse, but now she's on day 13 of the Clean Program. 
The Clean Program allows one meal a day. "It is all about nourishing the body," she said.  I still ask WHY?  You have a rockin' body, a HOT husband....why this?  Weird.  And sounds rather unhealthy.

Drew? Where's the other half of you???

Now...don't get me wrong...I am ALL for people getting healthy and being in shape and living longer, etc...but this recent picture of Drew Carey shocked me just a bit....Not only is he seriously smaller than he was before, but is it just me or does this photo kind of make him look....old?   USAToday released the photo on their Lifeline Live today...they also went on to say that the Enquirer (which is 100% credible) had previously reported that Drew was losing weight the old fashioned way by dieting and exercising....then most recently stated that he was on special appetite suppressants made by a Hollywood nutritionist.  Well that doesn't sound good.  In any case, I hope Drew is healthy and remains healthy....I actually really like this guy.  I'm not home during the day to catch him on Price is Right so I have no idea if this was a sudden thing or a gradual process....oh well.  Be healthy Drew!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In even DUMBER news....

God, is the moon at a specific tilt from the earth?  Is there a high tide?  Full moon perhaps?  What is with the incredibly, dumber than usual news today?  Here's one for of the Jersey Shore tools, this time Ronnie, tells People Magazine what "his job" is....what could his job possibly be besides fist-pumping at night clubs, pumping iron at the gym and hanging out with Snooks, you ask?  Here's what he told People, “I loved Miami because I am a beach guy,” Ortiz-Magro, 24, tells PEOPLE. “I got a tattoo while I was there and I suntanned on the beach. No spray tans for me. I love the natural sun. Tanning is my job.”  And there you have it.

In Dumb Picture News....

These three pictures came across my computer today via People Magazine...and they are completely is this entire blog, but let's move on shall we?  Megan Fox and David Silver (fine, real name Brian Austin Green) on the stroll in LA....does she shop for her clothes in the toddler section of Wal-Mart?  And for the second gem....Snoop Dogg....and a sea lion.  Why you ask?  Because he's Snoop Dogg....nothing else matters.  Seriously.  WTF.  Finally...we have Hef's former g/f Holly Madison with ferrets on her boobies.  This was for a good cause though....She has a pet ferret named Sid, so she adopted the other one named Nancy so Sid wouldn't be lonely and Nancy would have a home.  Ok.

Happy Birthday Jessica Myrtle Spano!

Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell turns 38 today....real name...Elizabeth Berkley.  And just to honor her, here's that gem of a music video by the group 'Hot Sundae'....this makes me laugh so hard...after watching this one Saturday morning, I talked my mom into buying me a leotard so I could "work out".  I had a mini-trampoline, so really all I tried to do was re-create this video in my basement.  Don't judge.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is it just me? Or is Zac Efron kind of getting hot?

Here's a video of him from USAToday...they asked him 5 questions....did he say he likes solo sports and then mentions ping pong?  I'll let that one slide since he dropped the s-word at the very end...he apologized profusely, but I found that to be hilarious.  I may actually go see his new movie Charlie St. Cloud....we'll see.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I hate to put something so gross and trashy right after a beautiful Franco post, but here you have it....according to Holly Scoop (, Linda Hogan is engaged to that child she's been dating...Charlie Hill.  She's 50, he's 21...and honestly looks like he could be related to her.  Back in 2008, this is what her daughter Brooke had to say about it...."I personally don't like it at all or condone it, but she's my mom, so I have to show her support. I went to school with him. He was a grade under me. Me and Nick know him well."   And I honestly have nothing more to say about this mess.  Yuck.

Daily Franco....

This may be the final posting for Daily Franco....that will depend on a few things...I'm waiting to hear back from my friend at ABC to fill me in on his "death" on General feeling is that once again the "end" was left to open as it was last time and he's going to re-appear.  Or maybe I'm just not ready to part ways with that beautiful face being a daily presence on my TV screen.'s some photo from Russia's Glamour magazine...I guess in Russia they put eyeliner on their boys for photos....I dig.  The next photo is his movie poster for the film Howl, which he showed at Sundance earlier this year.  There's some Oscar buzz around this film...its a little too early to tell I think and I don't think this will be a mainstream success simply because you have to know and understand and apppreciate the works of Allen Ginsberg to be into this we shall see.  Its set to hit theatres this fall.

Pax got Bitchslapped!

This photo is hilarious...Here's Angelina with half of her brood going through an airport and Maddox hauls off and bitchslaps Pax...I see a hint of a smile on Angie's face, but you know she was probably hissing at these two.  Funny.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well wouldn't YOU be sick of her too???

Ugh...this twit just won't go there are reports floating around out there that this miss Lindsay Lohan is getting special treatment in jail and the innmates are SICK of her shit.  I can't say I blame them...I'm sick of her nasty face all over the place...Hell, I'm only making it worse by posting it on here, but I's what people are saying to People Magazine about this tool's prison stay so far...."All the inmates are sick of Lindsay," Medina says. "It's almost like Lindsay Lohan's here, but she's not. Like if she even moves, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time. For example, just yesterday [Friday], Lindsay had to go to the mini-clinic, and the whole place was on lockdown again."  Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore denied Medina's claim. "It's business as usual. Lindsay's getting no special treatment," he told PEOPLE on Saturday. He also said there is no such thing as "lockdowns."   Hmm...who knows who's telling the truth and who just wants some press coverage and maybe a penny or two...and let's be honest....WHO CARES.  Lohan will serve well under her time at this place and be out in no time and up to her same old crap that got her there in the first place.  On with my day...


That's right...POOP...pigeon poop to be specific ruined the Kings of Leon concert at the Verizon Amphitheatre in St. Louis this weekend.  Were any of you there?  I want to hear about it.  This made People Magazine, so it was either a SLOW news weekend or this was a huge, gross deal so it made national news.  Here's what People had to say about it, Three songs into their St. Louis concert Friday night, the Kings of Leon had to shut down the show on account of some unexpected accompaniment that CNN pins on "pooping pigeons." "Jared [Followill, the band's bassist] was hit several times during the first two songs," said Andy Mendelsohn of Vector Management. "It's not only disgusting – it's a toxic health hazard. They really tried to hang in there."  The dirty birds were reported to have been lurking in the rafters of the Missouri city's Verizon Amphitheatre and launching their aerial attack during the band's opening number, "Closer." Followill, 23, got it in the face. "I was hit by pigeons on each of the first three songs," said the musician and self-professed germophobe. "We had 20 songs on the set list. By the end of the show, I would have been covered from head to toe." Nor did he feel safe gazing skyward to see who his attackers were – or how many of them. "The last thing I was going to do was look up," he said, "but if that was only a couple, we must have caught them right after a big Thanksgiving dinner."
After the cancelation – and, presumably, a good, hot shower – the band said in a statement through its manager, "We want to apologize to our fans in St. Louis and will come back as soon as we can." Added the band's publicist, "No fans got pooped on as far as we know."   Awful.  I want to hear from you if you were there!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Franco....

Oh relax...its coming to an end...I was only doing this while he was on General Hospital, his time on that show is coming up in the next day or so....but just because I like seeing his pretty face every day, I may keep it up...maybe Franco Weekly...who knows...anyway, here's another clip of his from  He's currently the spokesperson/model/face whatever for Gucci...God Bless those Gucci, he's just being a royal f**k up during the voice over for the commercials....enjoy.

Theatre Magic....

My Little Pony Style.  This video crossed my path a while back and I almost threw up from laughing so hard.  I couldn't stop watching it.  (Don't judge).  So if you need a ridiculous laugh today...give it a watch....I about died. 

Bed Head

So....I am pretty good about giving you thoughts on topics that are of absolutely NO importance or use to you whatsoever...well, this one is going to take the cake.  The other day Ms. Britney was spotted shopping with what appeared to be a half-eaten weave on the back of her head.  Either some creature of the night came in as she slept and gnawed away at her fake hair....OR....the extensions were put in by a blind be the judge....well, leave it to People Magazine to figure out just what was going on with that...they talked to celebrity stylist Ken Paves and here's what he had to say about the matter, “It’s not that big of a deal actually, we have all seen this before. A case of bed head, who hasn’t had it?,” Paves tells PEOPLE. “The truth is that this is exactly how these extensions are applied, however we are not supposed to see them, that’s all. There are thousands and thousands of women walking around whose hair looks just like that ‘underneath’. The remedy is simply to cover it up. It’s not a case of bad extensions, just a bad hair day!”  Right.  I believe this.  I really do.  Not.  Girl got a whack weave job and that's all there is to it.  People say she made a comeback....I think it was a semi-comeback....but I actually still like her.  : )  Party on Brit Brit...rat nest hair and all.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kelly Kapowski and her new baby

This is cute.  I like Tiffani Thiessen, who will forever be Kelly Kapowski, so I'm happy to see her with her newborn baby, Harper Renn...they're calling her Renn.  Apparently there were lots of problems with the delivery so I'm happy to see/read that all is going well now.  I don't know much about babies and I think all newborns look babies...but good for them.  Congrats!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What the Hell?

This was on People's "Who Wore it Better?" list?  Wore WHAT?!  A Hefty bag?  If this is the new look for the season...I can actually afford this one.  God Almighty. That shit probably cost thousands of dollars too.  And as for who wore it better?  I'll go with JLo.  Simply because the beehive hair-do gives its a classy trashbag look. 

Jermaine must need money....again....

Jermaine Jackson is once again spewing to People Magazine as to how the kids are holding up a year after Michael's death....I honestly just wish he'd shut his yapper.  Seems like we got a break from him trying to ride the coattails on one of the biggest losses in pop culture history, but of course he came back.  I don't know how anyone can even take anything he says seriously...I mean...two of his kids' names are...wait for it...wait for it....Jaafar and.....JERMAJESTY.  Makes me laugh out LOUD.  Anyway...if you's what he told People, "They love the film business, and they love being behind the scenes," Jermaine says. "Blanket loves to dance and sing. Prince and Paris love movies. They can tell you about directors and producers and all that stuff."  We are still in mourning, he says, but I sense Michael's presence in their lives. "I feel him everywhere," Jermaine says. "I know Michael's spirit is so much alive. He's guiding me … us to just keep things going and keep things the way they're supposed to be."   And there you have it.  Oh and something else that made me laugh out loud....that PHOTO.

Programming Note....

I should tell you that the Franco interview on Good Morning America video MAY appear on your screen as a blank white box with just a play button on the bottom left...its all good...just click it...and there you have the video.  Not sure why it did that.  On with the show....


In Daily Franco he is doing an interview this past weekend with Good Morning America, on the set of General Hospital right before filming his last scene with the soap....this 5 minutes goes into who he is as an actor, a student and why he does what he does....he also lets a little cat out of the bag by saying in January he will be teaching a "very special" class at Yale, where he's getting his PhD.  Holy crap...sign me UP. ENJOY.

OF COURSE I had to post this.....

I stayed awake for Jimmy Kimmel last night because Twitter was all abuzz with Ralph Macchio's appearance and sketch for Reebok's Runtone Shoes....You know I never miss ANYTHING having to do with Ralph Macchio, he was afterall, my very first celebrity love.  : )
Anyway, I thought it was humorous.  He's excellent about not taking himself to this guy.  This sketch with JB Smoove was done well...and his appearance on Kimmel was good too....Here's the video from, which by the way is a  hilarious site FULL of hilarious ridiculous videos.  Check it out.

What?! The Office will DIE without Steve Carell

I had heard the rumors of Steve Carrel leaving The Office and turns out they are definitely true...Got it.  What I DON'T get is how he can say that The Office will continue without him.  He tells Parade Magazine, “The show's going to be great,” Carell told “The show has been very consistent and I'm just one part of this ensemble. The show is so strong and has such good writers, it will continue to be great. So the show's not going anywhere." offense to the rest of The Office cast, who is stellar, but Michael Scott is the ANCHOR.  This is like American Idol without Simon...its not going to work.  Hate to be the negative nelly on this one, but its true.  They will probably try it out for a season, but I don't see it happening.  The show is in its 7th season and Carrel is slated to clock out after this coming spring.  Sad.  Anyway...I'm looking forward to seeing Steve Carrel & Paul Rudd star opposite each other again in 'Dinner for Schmucks' which hits theatres July 30.  Looks kind of stupid and outlandish...perfect.

Ughhh....Another year of this...

So...if you're one of those people that likes the ridiculous show Jersey Shore....and yes, I know some of you DO because you tell me you "just watch it for a laugh"...yeah right...nice cover...I know you're secretly obsessed with it...its ok...if thats your guilty my guest.  I have watched an episode or two myself and really just can't stand it.  But looks like I'm going to have to stand these ridiculous "celebrities" being in my face for another 15 minutes of fame since MTV has signed them for a 3rd season...and a pay raise.  Here's what MTV had to say, “MTV is pleased that the Jersey Shore cast are returning to Seaside Heights to continue production on season 3,” a rep for the network tells PEOPLE. “Not only have they become a part of the MTV family, but fans worldwide have fallen in love with them.”

 What's really gross about this whole thing is that these kids are making ALOT of money for just being themselves.  Nevermind the rest of us that bust our ass in school and at work and won't see a fraction of that....hell, put ME on the Jersey Shore...I'll go get spray-tanned to hell, fist-pump at some cheesy nightclub, fight with my roomates and be friends with Snooks (whatever her name is)....I will never understand the intrigue of this show....and I'm a fan of some reality stuff....but not this.  But there you have it....I know some of you will be happy its sticking to celebrate, go get a spray tan, put a bumpit in your hair and strut your stuff proudly.

Orange is the new black....

Ick...Lindsay's oompa-loompa esque skin tone matches her new designer clothing beautifully.  Lohan is sporting women's wear courtesy of the Lynwood Women's Correction Facility in LA....for the next 14 days or so.  Reports say that due to overcrowding issues and anticipated good behavior, she will only serve about 14 of her 90 day sentence.  I call BS on this one.  Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Kiefer Sutherland locked up for about 90 days or longer for a DWI issue or two?  What's different about this broad?  NOTHING.  People reported what Lindsay can expect to do with and without during her time in jail and I think this is hilarious.  According to People Magazine, Lindsay Lohan is now a "fish."  That's what new inmates at the women's jail are called, and to underscore their lowly status, each is given what's called a "fish kit," which is a sandwich bag containing a small tube of toothpaste, a white toothbrush, three packets of cream deodorant, three packets of shampoo and a small bar of soap.  The article goes on to say, The biggest shock for the actress will likely be the approximate 22 hours of daily confinement in her cell, where she'll be eating her meals. Smoking is also strictly forbidden, though an onsite medical staff is available if her nicotine withdrawal reaches dangerous proportions. Jail doctors also will provide Lohan with any medication she needs based on an evaluation. She also will have to give up her Twitter habit since inmates have no access to Internet or cell phones, a jail chaplain confirms, though she can still relay messages during visiting hours for friends and family to post. In fact, anything Lohan had on her person when she arrived at the facility was confiscated, including her watch, any jewelry, her medication, undergarments – hair extensions, if she's wearing them – all which will be returned to her upon release.
Sounds downright HORRENDOUS to me.  Not really.  I say Lindsay should just sleep.  Deal with it girlfriend.  And you know what?  I bet we'll all be blinded when she comes out seeing as how her skin should be back to its normal color by then...pale white instead of that crusty orange crap.  She's a mess.  And is she SMILING in that mug shot?  Trying to?  WTF?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Daily Franco... day would not be complete with out a little Daily Franco...while hunting for some new pics, I found some new pics of JF walking through NYC with the girlfriend....I will choose to ignore those...He's currently rocking my world on General Hospital and doesn't have many more episodes left....I may crawl up in a ball and cry when all's said and done....until he's on the big screen again in Eat Pray Love.  I DO enjoy those Gucci ads.


This mess of a vision is Jayden Smith....THIS is what Hollywood execs put into the "Karate Kid"....I use quotes because I don't think it should've ever been called that in the first place....BUT....I know I know, this movie has been out for a while and has done well, blah blah blah....But COME ON....THIS kid is supposed to be the new heartthrob that was my beloved Ralph Macchio?  Really.  REALLY?!  I don't think so.  I will forever oppose this film.  I'm beyond flabbergasted.  Ralph Macchio is 48 and STILL looks better than this kid.  Good GOD...get him a hat.

Oh bite me Lohan....

THIS BROAD....I am so SICK of her.  The mere site of her is like nails on a chalkboard, only to my eyes instead of my ears....She's SO terrified of jail, where she's supposed to report to in less than 24 hours....she has no idea how she'll survive....YOU KNOW WHAT?!  She's probably NOT going to have to sit there that long to figure it out.  I'm betting she'll serve 24 hours IF that.  Unless the judge and jail system are going to make an example out of her.  In which case, sign me up to watch and witness that mess.  People Magazine reports a source says "It's been a rough weekend," says a source. "She has not been able to sleep and has barely been eating. All weekend, Lindsay kept crying, chain smoking and chewing her nails."   Oh boo hoo.  Cry me a river you mess of a girl.  Put your big girl panties on and buck up. 

I don't know how I feel about this....

I'm not sure I really feel ANYTHING about this....Vince Vaughn and his wife of 7 months are expecting a baby....yawn...and they were seen at a rodeo over the Canada.  You know?  There was a time around when he was in Swingers and then again in Old School and Wedding Crashers where I found him kind of hot.  Not so much anymore.  And this photo just isn't doing it AT ALL....I find nothing attractive about a giant cowboy hat.  SO...again, snooze.  I miss the old Vince Vaughn.  He was  (I know, I had to throw it in there...and if you don't get it....go rent Swingers....and shame on you.)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well at least Captain D-bag is honest.....

Self-proclaimed famewhore Spencer Pratt is telling People Magazine that he's choosing "fame" over Heidi....there are no reports of divorce papers and I'm not sure anyone really believes that these two ridiculous wastes of space are actually getting a divorce, but here's what Spencer is yammering on and on to People Magazine, "We love each other but I'm a famewhore and I'll never grow out of it." Pratt tells PEOPLE. "[Heidi] knows that and doesn't want that."

"I want every kind of press," he says. "She believes in bad press. There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully. She just wants to hike and hang out and be calmer."
As for their infamous "Speidi," moniker, Pratt says his estranged wife "doesn’t want to be Speidi anymore. She wants to be Heidi Montag: the sex symbol."

"She thought I'd burn out of this, but no, I'm still the same Spencer who went on The Hills to be famous," he says. "I still need to do stunts and take cues from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

These two are so stupid.  She looks like a scary Barbie Doll come to life and he's got a serious case of 'little man syndrome'.  And for some reason, these two idiots are laughing all the way to the bank.  I know you're thinking it, so I'll just say it for you....SHUT THE F&*K UP SPEIDI!

Friday, July 16, 2010

UCLA "Commencement Speech"

This is also one of my most favorite James Franco sketches.  He is making fun of himself over the fact that he WAS scheduled to give the commencement speech for UCLA.  However, it was said that he backed out due to a film commitment....but this was while he was taking classes at UCLA and a photo started circulating of him completely asleep during a class...mouth open , the whole bit.  Then there were rumors that he was receiving "celebrity treatment" in this entire fake speech pokes fun at that whole situation.  I laughed out loud during this. 

Funny or Die....James Franco

Since I was negligent over the past day or so with my Daily Franco posts (you know you're going to get these until his stint on General Hospital is!) here's one of my absolute favorite videos he does.  He has several and I'll put another one up too, but this is one of three videos that involve giving his younger brother Dave "acting lessons".  I find it hilarious.

Go See Cyrus....

Here's a movie I cannot wait to see...every review I've read has been an excellent one.  I generally love Jonah Hill & John C. Reilly...however, I'm betting this film isn't as ridiculous as the films these two are usually found in....I've heard this is still a funny film, just in a different, dark way.  I've heard the performance by Jonah Hill is pretty outstanding as well.  SO...I'm copying and pasting this entire article which was given to just because I couldn't do it justice on my own.  All I'm going to say is I cannot wait to see it. 

By Anthony Breznican, USA TODAY

The terms "summer box-office hit" and "the Duplass brothers" have been synonymous since, well, never.
Fraternal writer/directors Jay and Mark are known for ultra-low-budget independent comedies like The Puffy Chair (2005) and Baghead (2008), which played strongly on the festival circuit and in art-house runs but weren't exactly facing down superheroes, vampires and iconic animated toys at the multiplex.
Cyrus has changed that.

The dark comedy stars John C. Reilly as a lonesome loser who unexpectedly wins the heart of Marisa Tomei, only to provoke her intensely clingy and jealous son (Jonah Hill) into a quest to humiliate and destroy him.

REVIEW: Smart acting, improvisation brighten dark comedy 'Cyrus'

After opening in a handful of theaters, it has climbed to No. 10 on the box-office chart with a total of $3million — loose change for most summer films but a strong start for a tiny film whose audience is growing.

"The fact that Cyrus is in the top 10 has really turned people's heads," says Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations Co. "The mainstream probably hadn't heard of it until it jumped in there."

If Cyrus keeps the pace as it increases to 446 theaters this weekend, the comedy could become one of the season's sleeper hits.

The Duplass brothers' previous films were do-it-yourself enterprises with budgets in the thousands instead of millions. They are Sundance Film Festival regulars, and represent a new generation of moviemakers who don't wait for Hollywood to give them permission to get to work.

"They're sort of creating a new Hollywood," says Sundance director John Cooper. "They're always helping on other independent films, acting, producing for other people. They give back a lot to that community."

Cyrus was produced with a budget of about $7 million by Fox Searchlight, and the brothers maintained their signature style of raw, awkward humor. "What we have to offer are really truthful, intimate, personal, realistic experiences that, hopefully, people will laugh at. We felt like that would be the first thing to go" on a studio movie, says Jay, 37.

They started by personally hiring the entire crew. "We had a strict no-(idiots) policy," says Mark, 33.

The New Orleans natives say the big change on Cyrus was not having to also cook for the crew, haul lights or give their actors rides.

"All of our films before were just Mark, myself, a couple of our friends, our wives, and that's pretty much it," Jay says.

But those projects did open the door for them to tell their stories on a bigger scale. They've shot two more (release dates still to be determined):

•Thee Do-Deca-Pentathlon, another super-low-budget film about two competitive brothers trying to determine superiority by playing 25 sports.

•The Paramount Pictures comedy Jeff Who Lives at Home, with Jason Segel as the title character, a guy who has overstayed his welcome at the family abode. It's produced by Up in the Air filmmaker Jason Reitman.

"Our movies come from funny and tragic things we know from our own lives," Mark says. Cyrus was inspired by the brothers' ultra-close relationship and the weirdness it sometimes inflicted: "There is a parallel, an almost twin-like relationship that Jay and I share."

With the help of Cyrus, they'll now be sharing it with their biggest audience yet.

Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!

Corey Feldman turns 39 today...Happy Birthday!  I've chosen a picture of Corey Feldman from the movie 'Stand By Me' of the greatest movies ever, in my humble opinion.  Plus I like this photo...Corey, a very young and pudgy Jerry O'Connell, a young River Phoenix and a young Wil Wheaton.  All greats.  And then of course I had to throw in a Goonies pic.  In honor of Corey's birthday go watch a classic or two...Stand By Me...The Lost Boys....GOONIES.....and if you've never seen the movie 'The 'Burbs'....starring Tom Hanks along with Corey...I highly recommend  Another excellent 80s flick.  Go get it.  Hell, its probably in the $2 bin at Hastings.  So, I'm not going to post about how messed up Corey has been since the 80s. We'll celebrate him as a child star.  Happy Birthday Mouth!

Well it was only a matter of time......

I wasn't at all surprised when I read this article that People reported on....We've all seen Pink perform in those crazy harness acts and trapeze acts she has done on multiple awards shows now....well it caught up to her and she took a major spill during her concert in Germany the other night, in a fall during one of her songs that sent her straight to the hospital.  Luckily she wasn't hurt seriously.  She later said "I'm so so so sorry to end the show that way," she wrote. "I'm embarrassed …I'm in ambulance now but I will b fine. Didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade…I hope it at least looked cool!!!"   She's also suffered a seperated shoulder during her act earlier this year.  DAMN WOMAN!  Be careful!  Pink is the most badass girl I know of in the 'pop' industry.  She's legit.  Thank goodness she didn't get seriously hurt....Make a quick recovery girlfriend! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I like Green....

Here's a little eye candy before my Franco post...Ryan Reynolds is gracing this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly as The Green Lantern.  Based on the comic book series, he takes on the Green Lanter role and his real-life wife Scarlett Johannsen will play the Black Widow.  He gave a hilarious it is: 

On his strict diet: “It’s all part of the job, so I guess I can’t complain. You spend one day a week eating what you want and the other six days eating drywall and wood chips.”

On getting hurled through the air on a wire at up to 60 feet per second: “The first time you do it, you’re seriously considering an adult diaper.”

On his wife Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow: “We have a lot of comic books lying around the house – more than the average young married couple.”

On being the face of The Green Lantern: “There’ll be the Green Lantern hubcaps. The Green Lantern terry-cloth onesie. The Green Lantern prostate check.”

My thoughts...He's delicious.

So....what does this mean exactly?

Reps for Lindsay Lohan say she has checked into a sober living facility....and she's also got until Tuesday to report to jail for drug/alcohol related offenses....I'm sorry but isn't drug/alcohol rehab supposed to be more than just a long weekend away?  I could be wrong, but I'm guessing I'm not.  Is this going to be a ploy to keep her out of jail?  Better not be.  This girl is such a trainwreck.  I honestly wonder what we'll read about her in 10 years. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daily Franco....

Here's a pic of James Franco & Julia Roberts in their upcoming flick Eat Pray Love due out in the theatres August 13.   He recently gave Parade Magazine a few of his thoughts on working with Julia...."She is very, very outgoing," James told "But I think she'll also admit pretty freely that she doesn't love to do love scenes and actually was charmingly shy when we had to do them."  In the film, due out August 13, James plays David, a young man the film's heroine, Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia), has an interlude with. Directed by "Glee's" Ryan Murphy, who also wrote the screenplay to the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir, it was Julia's name that attracted the actor to the project.  "That was pretty much the reason I did it. I knew that all my scenes would be with Julia," he said. "I thought it would be a great experience."  "It was fun, she's great. She's a pro," he said. "We spent a little time together before we started filming and we got along from the beginning."  In the meantime, James is currently starring as Franco, an artist and serial killer on ABC soap opera "General Hospital."

And there you have it....Have I mentioned that I hate Julia Roberts?  Ok, I lied.  I don't.  But COME ON....if given the chance to be between the sheets with James Franco...why be shy about it woman?!


That is all.  No more post about this needed.  This guy needs to have his mouth taped shut and thrown into a padded room.

Sheldon is up for an EMMY!

I cannot believe I didn't post on this earlier when they were first announced....shame on me.  My beloved Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is up for another Emmy this year for Lead Actor in a comedy for The Big Bang Theory.  I love this show and this guy.  Be sure to tune in on August 29 for the live broadcast!  BAZINGA!
This is one of my favorite Sheldon quotes: 

Raj: I don't like bugs, okay? They freak me out.

Sheldon: Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daily Franco

Here's a throwback to Franco's days as Daniel DeSario in Freaks & Geeks...starring alongside some of my other favorites: Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Busy Phillips & Linda Cardellini.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Babs is Recovered!

About 2 months ago, Barbara Walters underwent surgery to replace a leaky valve in her heart.  Pretty major stuff....she popped in on her ladies at The View today to check in and let them know how she's doing.  She says she's fully recovered.  "I am fully recovered!" she announced. Walters did a little name-dropping, praising her fans and friends — Hillary Clinton, Woody Allen and Queen Rania of Jordan — for their well-wishes, though she admitted that seeing the reports of her health were "like reading my own obituary." 
After explaining how the doctor replaced a valve, she clarified, "In my case an animal valve, either from a pig or a cow…I was glad it was a cow, because I didn't think the pig was kosher."  Hmm...yuck.  In any case, I'm glad Babs is recovered....she needs to get back to The View...those other ladies, minus Whoopie, drive me NUTS.  (Quotes via

In true ROCKSTAR fashion......

According to several reports floating around, one Mr. Jon Bon Jovi proved once again that he truly is a ROCKSTAR....Friday night half way through his show at the New Meadowlands, he completely tore his calf muscle.  Reports say he went offstage for a moment, but then returned to finish the show, simply stating "My calf muscle just blew out! Whoa!," Bon Jovi, 48, said from the stage. "I got another leg. I don't need this one."  USAToday reports that he limped around and finished the true rockstar fashion.  Love me some Bon Jovi.

Franco Daily

Here you go Poppers....Behold...James Franco's latest Gucci ad.  Beautiful.  And if you don't think so....go away.  Just kidding....maybe.  ; )

Happy Birthday Richard Simmons!

Well well well, that little dude Richard Simmons is 62 years old today...for some reason I thought he was supposed to be older than that.  He never ages though so I guess thats a good thing.  In honor of this little ball of fun, go get out your leotards and headbands, scrunchie socks and high-tops and dust off that Sweatin' To The Oldies VHS that you know your mom bought when you were younger and you secretly hoped she'd be playing it so you could dance along....don't judge.....and bust a move.  Happy Birthday Richard!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Daily Franco Post.....

Gooooooood Morning James......

Its 2 more boys for Celine!

Celine Dion confirmed to People that the twins she is expecting in November are in fact 2 more boys....Congrats to Celine and here's hoping things go well this time around....she's no spring chicken and that husband of hers has to be damn near 100.  And she's had some problems'll see....congrats Celine!  Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Carrie Underwood to Become Carrie Fisher TOMORROW

According to, which is about as reliable as the Enquirer so do with that what you will....Carrie Underwood will be married to hockey player Mike Fisher tomorrow.  The details are being kept hush-hush of course and all that is supposedly known is that guests will arrive at a southern city in the US's airport and will be hurried off in limos/small planes to the unknown wedding destination.  It was also reported that Carrie was asking for $2 million for the rights to the photos, but has since struck a deal with a weekly publication (my guess is People Magazine) there you have it....and it could all be a hoax...who knows....