Friday, July 30, 2010

Are you surprised?

Snooks got shitfaced in public....and got hauled in for it!  People Magazine reports that she was booked in the Seaside Heights, NJ jail for what is being called 'disorderly conduct'.  The funniest part of all is that the cameras for the MTV show were ROLLING when this troll got taken in.  Perhaps EVEN funnier is the quote her 'friend' gave regarding the whole thing, “She didn’t hurt anyone or get in a fight,” says the second source. “She just needs to be in a drunk tank for two hours.”   I guess we all just need to be in a drunk tank for a few hours right?  Maybe....this little troll, I swear.  She's taken the place of Paris Hilton.  Famous for absolutely NOTHING.  Tisk, tisk little Snookers. 

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