Thursday, July 29, 2010

In more health/weight news....

USAToday's Lifeline Live also gives us the absolutely pertinent information that Demi Moore has gone from the Master Cleanse diet to the Clean Program, which is a 21 day detox.  Honestly, I have not figured out why people do this.  I get its to lose weight quickly, empty your system, whatever....I tried one of these in college once and all it did for me was send me to the cafeteria after about 24 hours and make me eat like one of the linebackers on the football team.  I kind of miss pizza day in the dorm cafeteria....I digress.  Anyway, Demi has been keeping the world updated on this ever so important new fad in her life via her Twitter....she said she only lasted 2 days on the Master Cleanse, but now she's on day 13 of the Clean Program. 
The Clean Program allows one meal a day. "It is all about nourishing the body," she said.  I still ask WHY?  You have a rockin' body, a HOT husband....why this?  Weird.  And sounds rather unhealthy.

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