Friday, July 30, 2010

Joey looks old....

USAToday's Lifeline Live talked with Matt LeBlanc about his "new" look...of looking old.  Joey (always and forever) has been seen in recent months with gray hair and just looking....old....not looking at all like the Joey we know and love from Friends.  Turns out, he's been dying his hair for years.  Why'd he quit?  "I just was sick of doing it," LeBlanc explained to USAToday.  Fair enough Joey, fair enough.  He's currently in Beverly Hills doing the press circuit for his new Showtime show called 'Episodes'.  I'm happy to see Joey on the air again....but he's always going to be Joey.  He will live in infamy as Joey.  I think I'm going to dig out my Friends DVDs.  I miss Joey. 

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