Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally...the end is here....

Outstanding Drama Series goes to:  Mad Men

Outstanding Comedy Series goes to:  Modern Family

My overall thoughts are that this show was not entertaining.  Jimmy Fallon, who I like on his show, just didn't have "it".  It wasn't great.  Not the WORST, but not good either.  I've also discovered that while I thought I watched way too much TV, I don't watch NEARLY enough.  I'll get right on that. 


January Jones, what the HELL are you wearing?  You look like a half-drunk thrift store MESS.  Girlfriend, clean it up.  This is wrong...but oh so funny....get ready will be on every "Worst Dressed" list in the morning. 


I'm starting to get bored...but I paid attention enough to see Jewel and her tribute to the people we lost this year in the entertainment world.  Now I'm sad.  Sad and tired.  But I'll be damned if Jewel doesn't have one of the strangest voices ever.  I'm not sure if I like it or find it completely bizarre....or both.

Oustanding Variety/Comedy/Musical Specialty Show goes to....

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart....damn....I was hoping Conan O'Brien would take this one and tell everyone to basically F**K OFF for the crap they pulled with him....oh well.  Moving on.

Tony Awards win!

For Oustanding Writing for a Variety/Comedy/Music Special, the 63rd Annual Tony Awards won.  I 100% agree with this. The recent year or two's Tony Awards are the best I've seen in a long time....and Neil Patrick Harris could read the phone book and I'd find it no shock that the writing won for something he hosted.  Well done.

Tribute to shows gone away....

I think I like Jimmy Fallon as Elton John better.  And I like his sweet pink piano.  Jimmy was beginning to annoy me....him as Elton is better.  Kind of.  Maybe....I don't know.  Neil Patrick Harris needs this job back next year.  Who's with me?  Oh God...Jimmy's playing Boyz to Men now....holy hell.  This boy really can't sing...that part is kind of funny.  In a sad way.  This is awkward.  OH NO HE DIDN'T.  HE IS NOT PLAYING BILLY JOE ARMSTRONG FROM GREEN DAY.  Actually his impression isn't too bad....but do NOT mess with my Green Day.  Ok I'm laughing a touch at this.  This whole thing was a bit awkward.  And sadly, I didn't even pay attention to what shows other than Lost he was "singing" about.....


I need to do my homework...I'm not into the drama series.  At all.  Except Mad Men.  I have watched that and have gotten into it a bit...I'm just not excited about drama shows though.  So this post will be consolidated....Lame I know...move on.  I can't be witty all the time people!

Oustanding Writing:  Matthew Weiner & Erin Levy for Mad Men
Oustanding Supporting Actor:  Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Oustanding Supporting Actress:  Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Oustanding Lead Actor:  Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Oustanding Lead Actress: Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Oustanding Directing:  Steve Shill, Dexter

Reality Competition....

Top Chef takes the award for Best Reality Competition show....I have honestly never watched an I have nothing to offer this one...however, 2 things...1) Keri Russell was a presenter for this...did anyone else think she looked like something out of Dirty Dancing with that weird length hot pink dress?  And those gold shoes?  I wondered for a second if she was going to do the Mamba.  2) I got a nice hard laugh at some lady with Top Chef that took a spill on her way up to the stage just BEFORE she got out of the camera frame....hilarious. I don't care who you are...Falling is always funny.

Oh Good...My favorite category...Reality TV...not.

We are awarding illegitmate celebrities in this category...I guess that explains Kim Kardashian being we go...

Way to punch a puppy....

Lea Michele of Glee lost out on the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy to Edie Falco....WTF.  What a crock. I've seen one episode of Nurse Jackie and thought it sucked.  In her acceptance speech, Edie just said "I'm not funny"....I agree with you.  Way to punch a puppy....Lea Michele should've won this....BOO.

Sheldon Wins!

Jim Parsons takes home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy for the Big Bang Theory!  Happy happy.  Love him.  A big BAZINGA to that one!  He was up against stiff competition as well:  Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock, Steve Carell of The Office, Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Matt Morrison of GLEE and Tony Shaloub of Monk.

Best Director for Comedy Series....

Goes to Ryan Murphy of Glee....Dig the shiny blue suit and bow tie.  Classy!

Jane Lynch takes Outstanding Supporting Actress for Comedy Series!

Nothing more to say.  This woman is outstanding.  She looks beautiful.  Love her.  She was up against Julie Bowen of Modern Family, Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock, Holland Taylor of Two and a Half Men, Kristen Wiig (no clue what she's in), Sofia Vergara Modern Family. There you have it.

Modern Family takes Best Writers of Comedy Series

MY SHELDON (Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory) presented Best Writer of Comedy Series and it went to the writers of Modern Family Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd.  Well done.  However, Sofia Vergara should've let Jim talk a bit...I couldn't understand a word out of her mouth!

Best Supporting Actor in Comedy Series

This was a TOUGH category...I would've honestly been happy with any of these nominees which included Neil Patrick Harris (forever Doogie Howser MD), John Cryer (forever Duckie from Pretty in Pink), Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on Glee, Eric Overstreet of Modern Family and Ty Burrell of Modern Family....the Emmy went to Eric Overstreet of Modern Family.  It was his first nomination and his speech was great.  He's hilarious on the show so I'm happy with this.  HOWEVER, he did make mention that growing up all he ever wanted to be was a clown in the circus....I'll forgive him for that nonsense.  THEN right before goinig to commercial they show a clip from the show as him dressed as a giant CLOWN.  I choked on my water and almost peed my pants a little.  I've recovered.  Nightlight will be left on. 

Opening Number....

Currently laughing out loud at the ridiculous opening number Glee spoof....I don't know what I laughed harder at....the jab Kate Gosselin made at herself, Betty White saying "Back That Mother Up"...or Tina Fey in general.  Ha...Randy Jackson's appearance, how random.  Love it!

Come on Jimmy.....

Generally I love Jimmy will he do hosting the Emmys??  We shall see in 3, 2, 1....

Emmy Red Carpet Thoughts....

First...WTF is Kim Kardashian doing at the Emmy Awards?  Is that airhead up for an Emmy for reality show?  Otherwise, I see no reason for her to bet here.  Anyway...moving on....Glee's Lea Michele looks AMAZING.  I have a very strong inkling that chica will win tonight....and if she does, it will be very well deserved.  Same with Jane Lynch from Glee...she looks amazing as well.  More thoughts coming. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Franco....127 Hours

Ok so I posted this link on The Pop Shop's facebook page the other day because I didn't have time to upload it to the site as a Daily Franco.  Here's the trailer for his new film by Danny Boyle called 127 Hours, which is the story of climber Aron Ralston, the climber who became trapped and had to amputate his own arm in order to save his life.  I love Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, etc) so I have high hopes for this one....not only because of James Franco....but this will be a big piece for him to bite off and have to carry a film basically all on his own....can he do it?  We shall see..127 Hours is slated to release November 5 2010..and I just had to include a photo of him being beautiful....

Things that are DUMB.

The Alaskan dipshit known as Levi Johnston has a case of verbal diarrhea again....although his on/off woman Bristol Palin isn't much better.  I nearly choked when I found out she was going to be on 'Dacing with the Stars'.  Why? WHY?!  Did I miss the memo when she became a 'star'?  Or even a has-been?  This girl is only known for being a pregnant teenager with a politician mother.  What the hell?  And she was with a guy dumber than a box of rocks.  Anyway, I could go on all day about this because you know I hate nothing more than illegitimate 'celebrities'....BUT, douchebag Levi spewed to People Magazine these gems: 
On fame:  "I don't think I'm any more obsessed with making a career out of this than she is," the recent Playgirl model said in an interview that ran Friday on CBS's Early Show. "Obviously she's doing Dancing with the Stars. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with any of it. I'm just taking it as it comes."  As if that wasn't bad enough....on running for Mayor in some town no one has ever heard of in Alaska:  "I don't think being mayor is about qualifications. I think it's about people liking you and believing in you," he said. But he noted: "If we do win, I'm going to have to give up Hollywood for three years."   I guess if he wins Mayor, he'll have to give up that Playgirl Magazine dream.  And you know what?  To the residents of that podunk Alaskan town, IF you vote him for all should just crawl into hibernation and not come out because you're dumber than I thought.  Now, on with my day....

PeeWee's the Big 5-8

Yikes...I thought this guy had some sort of Peter Pan thing going on...but he's 58 today.  Whew!  What a creepy photo.

Monday, August 23, 2010


If you can guess who this hot piece of late 70s, early 80s GLORY is, then you get a Wal-Mart frosted cookie....actually I am fresh out, so I'll just tell you....this beauty is vintage RICK SPRINGFIELD.  Yeah, you kind of thought that?  You thought, "Gosh, this one looks familiar, but I can't quite place it..."  BAM!  Rick Springfield.  He's 61 years young today and still rocking I might add.  Plus, he played Noah Drake on General Hospital so I forever love him.  Happy Birthday!

NPH & Betty White Early Emmy Winners

Yes!  At last night's Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which are the pre-cursor to the Prime Time Emmy Awards and the place where writers, creative directors, guest stars, etc win their awards, Neil Patrick Harris and Betty White, 2 of my faves took home some hardware.  NPH took home one for his guest starring brilliant appearance on Glee and for his stellar hosting of the 2010 Tony Awards.  Betty White took home one for her hosting of Saturday Night Live, which almost didn't happen, had Facebook not been a platform to get her on there.  Her Snickers commercial was also up for one.  Tune in for the Prime Time Emmy Awards this Sunday night!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MASSIVE DAILY FRANCO...Proof God Loves me.

Holy HELL.  I've officially outdone myself. Its like the Gods opened up the heavens and smiled on me today. I have no idea how this came across my path, but I'll take it. James Franco will be on the September cover of Equire Magazine. His youngest brother Dave, also an actor, followed him around during his shoot and did an interview/video session with him. These are great videos and a totally different side to the normally brooding, serious actor that is usually portrayed. These two are funny together. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

In Dumb Photo News....

This picture is horrifying to me.  Here's Uma Thurman at an event in NYC last night for backpacks for kids with a HUGE Dora the Explorer.  I'm telling you, if I saw that thing in a dark alley, I might run away screaming.  Most of you know I have a serious issue with clowns, but sometimes mascots (for lack of a better term) are just as scary.  She kind of looks like a cross between the 'My Buddy' doll and Chuckie.  I do not like.

Spiderman....The Musical?!

First of all, don't EVEN act surprised that I used a picture of James Franco for discussion of Spiderman.  You should just KNOW that by now.  Moving along....reports from USAToday are saying that Spiderman, the Musical will begin showing previews on November 14 and will officially open on December 21.  This show has been 6 years in the making and is being called the most expensive show ever made.  It has hit alot of financial bumps in the road along the way as well.  Now....there are LOTS of movies that I wouldn't mind seeing be made into a musical.  Spiderman is not one of them.  I smell disaster.  The only thing I think this show has going for it is the fact that famed director Julie Taymor is behind it.  She directed The Lion King, so she's no stranger to elaborate, expensive productions.  I'm nine kinds of cynical about this one...I don't see it lasting too long, but then again, I didn't see Shrek being a musical either and clearly I was wrong about that one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you're a Full House Fan...Click on this link! Great Candace Cameron interview!

Frisky Q&A: Candace Cameron Talks Motherhood, Gymnastics & DJ Tanner The Frisky

Daily Franco...My Favorite Interview Yet...

I love this interview with James Franco.  Its quick and simple and its for an article titled "Man to Man" need to turn up the volume since it looks like it takes place in a library and he's speaking very softly...and then at about the 3:20 mark, you hear a girl in the background take a spill.  Maybe she noticed him and flipped out, who knows.  This is a good one though.  Although, I 'd like to get him some chap stick.

I can't believe I didn't post this yesterday....

Its old news now, but this Bieber baby gets a bottle....straight to the dome.  Hilarious.  Watch:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrong letter dipshit...

Famous for absolutely nothing Brody Jenner shaved an A into his head...for his girlfriend Avril should've been a D...for DOUCHEBAG.  How stupid.

Oh I'm sure this will last....

Our little troll buddy Snooki has had a revelation and told People Magazine that she's "cutting back" on the drinking.  Snooks was arrested a week or so ago DURING THE DAY being drunk out of her mind and had to spend some quality time in the drunk tank.  This little troll had this to say to People Magazine, "My dad was very, very pissed," she revealed. "He's like, 'I didn't raise you like this.' I just felt really bad, so I'm definitely going to stop drinking during the daytime. And now when I go out, I only have a couple drinks."  When one has to tell themselves "I'm definitely going to stop drinking during the daytime" has a problem.  I'm all for the occasional afternoon can be a good time...HOWEVER, this girl does it like its her job....and I guess it IS her job since MTV hands her a paycheck everytime it happens.  She's a mess and I have no tolerance for her.  I still find it hilarious that she's in "fashion design" now....I don't know about you , but personally I'VE always wanted to look like a dime store hooker with an uncanny resemblance to a troll doll...covered in fake tanner.  (Because Obama put a tax on tanning beds, remember?)  Ok, enough cynicism....I need to find some FUN news this morning.....


Rod Stewart's old ass is having another baby.  People Magazine reports that he and his wife Penny Lancaster are indeed expecting  their 2nd child together.  They have a 4 year old already....PLUS, loads of other kids from other relationships....these other kids are all grown....Rod is 65.  I guess when this kid goes off to college, his dad will be 85.  I don't know how cool or uncool that is, but it IS weird.  Its too early for me to comprehend a 65 year old man becoming a dad again for the 100th time (sarcasm) so I'll just leave it at that.  Yuck.

Programming Note....

You'll have to excuse me this morning....I'm draggin' ass after being at one Mr. Adam Lambert's Glamnation Tour show in St. Louis last night.  Talk about amazing.  That was a brilliantly put together show and he rocked a sold out house.  SO...let me get my coffee...shake the glitter off and I'll be back momentarily to update you on all of the oh-so important happenings in the pop world.  Stay tuned....

Friday, August 6, 2010


Here's Brit Brit trolling in LA wearing what appears to be the curtains from my parents' house circa 1983.  I always wondered what happened to those.....Trash to Treasure. (sarcasm)

Someone went a little over on the photoshopping here...

Here's a pic of Jessica Simpson from the upcoming issue of Lucky Magazine.  Now...her head does not match her body in this pic.  She is not that skinny at the moment.  Don't get me wrong...I love Jessica...I love that she's not the starving barbie doll she became during Dukes of Hazzard.  She seems to be embracing it and is comfortable...why can't the magazines let her be?  I find this annoying.  They photoshopped this photo to hell. 

80s Commercials!

In honor of Miss Punky's birthday, I've decided to include a compliation of some great 80s commercials. I just happened upon this one and I found it amazing the stuff I remembered and actually had...I was such a sucker for advertising and still am...With all the food/candy commercials, its amazing I wasn't a fatter little kid. Here's the list for this the whole thing if you can...its pretty awesome:

1. Crispy Critters cereal
2. Sugar Smacks cereal
3. Twizzlers
4. Dream Glow Barbie
5. Sunkist Dinosaur Fruit Snacks
6. Hershey's chocolate syrup
7. The Clapper
8. C-3PO's cereal
9. Underoos Fashion Underwear
10. MOTU Castle Grayskull
11. Freshen-Up Gum
12. Big League Chew
13. MOTU Dragon Blaster Skeletor
14. Starburst fruit chews
15. Water Wiggle
16. G.I. Joe Shadow Ninjas are my thoughts on some of these....first...a low sugar cereal? No thank you...the very first the fact the cereal was shaped like hippos...sweet...but I was NOT a no sugar kind of kid. Pass. Second, did people really eat Sugar Smacks while they were bowling? I think not. But I still love that cereal. RALPHIE from a Christmas Story hawking chocolate syrup. Loves it. UNDEROOS....I bet these girls are showgirls now. What an awful (hilarious) commercial. Underoos did not compare to my Jem underwear thank you very much. WHAT THE HELL is going on with that overly sexual gum commercial... "The gum that SQUIRTS"....I almost choked on my coffee watching that. Big League Chew was a staple of my outstanding Tee Ball and Softball days. You could often spot me either on the bench...or in the outfield, far away from any action with a big wad of that crap in my mouth....and spitting proudly. On to the Water Wiggle...that thing was super fun until it went out of control and smacked the hell out of you. Enjoy!

Daily Franco

Can I just say that I love that people now actually SEND me James Franco photos...may God Bless you all....this one is a delicious one....except for that damn watermark!  But I'll take it.  THANK YOU.

Punky Power!

Happy Birthday Punky Brewster!  Soleil Moon Frye is turning 34 today...I will never EVER forget the day I got a pair of Punky Brewster high-top shoes that were purple velvet/white and had trim that glowed in the dark.  And a photo of punky on the sides.  They were gaudy and gross looking, but absolutely spectacular.  I paired them with my jean jacket and black stirrup pants and an oversized sweatshirt...For 7 years old, I was a fashion icon.  Thanks, Punky.  Happy Birthday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video Vixen Tawny Kitaen turns 49

Yikes...I actually thought she was older than that...but oh well...Happy Birthday Tawny Kitaen!  I remember watching MTV music videos since I can remember anything...I mean, I had to have been about 5 or 6 when I first got wind of these crazy things called 'music videos' on MTV...this is when Guns N Roses and Motley Crue were all over the place...not to mention the rest of the hair bands of the mid to late 80s.  I remember being told I wasn't allowed to watch MTV, but I did anyway.  I was very much a pop culture child and spent alot of time 'educating' myself.  I remember seeing the 'Here I Go Again' video featuring Tawny dancing and doing the splits all over the hood of a car and then I also remember seeing Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' really wanted to be that chick (Bobbie Brown) in the Cherry Pie video...having no idea what the song actually meant...I just thought it looked like fun to be "the girl" in a music video.  I still think it looks like fun (don't judge!). In fact, its one of the things on my bucket list...will it ever happen?  Doubtful.  But a girl can dream.  Now...if we could just make that a Bon Jovi video that would be super.  Powers that be....GET TO WORK! 

Spiccoli & Jenny are no more....

Reports surfaced this morning stating that Sean Penn & Robin Wright-Penn's marriage is officially over.  I thought this was sad when I heard about it months ago, and I still think its sad.  I respect the hell out of Sean Penn's acting career and the work that he does, but I have a feeling he's a real a-hole in day to day life.  He strikes me as a short fuse and a hot temper.  They kept it pretty quiet as to what went on inside this marriage that caused it to crumble stating the usual irreconcilable differences...some reports have idicated there was cheating going on....  In any case, they were married for 14 years; have a 16 year son and a 19 year old daughter together.  For some reason, I just find this split a little sad. 

Sue Sylvester xs 2

Jane Lynch got waxed.  She was surrounded by friends, family, fans and a real-life high school Glee club when her wax figure was unveiled yesterday morning at Madame Tussauds on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Here's what she had to say about it... Lynch walked out beside her statue, modeled after her character Sue Sylvester, and told the crowd, “Holy crap—unbelievable. This is too much. This is too weird. I feel like I’m seeing myself in a coffin or something. Thank you so much!” Lynch tells PEOPLE the whole experience is “strange and eerie,” adding, “it looks just like me.” But the cloning process was not so simple. “It took four hours,” Lynch said. “They took the measurements of my face and my body, and they put dots all over. There was a contraption that measured from here to here, to here, to here, to here for four hours.”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What the hell?

Two things:
1) Is JLo wearing tin-foil?
2) WHAT is she doing?


Something of some sort of "news" substance today....what a slow day.  ANYWAY, reports are out now that none other than the brilliant Carol Burnett will appear on Glee as Sue Sylvester's mother....this is fantastic.  Its not known if she will be a recurring character, but she will appear in October or November reports say.  I say...YES.  This is a great casting call. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dollar Store...or Dime Store??

Is Ke$ha the Dollar Tree version of Lady Gaga...or the Dime Store version?  I can't be the judge of this mess.


Here's a little piece of nostalgia that came my way in another blog I read... I do love Paul Rudd...and this little gem is a video of him from 1992 before he had a career....during his career as a Bat Mitzvah DJ.  This video is beyond hilarious.  His awful hair, his outfit, his boots....the amazing dress on the girl of honor....this is all kinds of good. 

Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.


Just Yuck.  Lohan shot this cover right before her jail sentence began...I realize I'm not a dude, so I really can't say what guys would or would not like on the cover of Maxim, but Lohan is NOT what I would think they'd want to see, but I've been very wrong before.  I think she looks kind of gross to be honest with you.  In my ever so humble opinion.

Gaga continues to break records!!

One Ms. Lady Gaga has just broken another record, for the most MTV Video Music Awards nominations in one year by any artist.  I'm telling crazy as this chick is, she's changed the landscape of pop culture on so many levels.  She's taking bits and pieces from other artists and throwing her own flare over it and giving it to us wrapped up in one crazy-ass package...but the kicker that makes her different?  She's ACTUALLY TALENTED.  The girl can actually sing, play the piano and write.  What most people DON'T know is that she started producing records before she ever began recording them.  Keep in mind, she's only 24.  That's crazy.  I'm hoping she doesn't crash & burn as fast as she's going right now.  In any case, here's what People Magazine had to say.... The Grammy-winning singer, 24, scored 13 MTV Video Music Award nominations Tuesday – the most ever received by any artist in a single year. The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards will air live Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. EST.  "I'm so honored for all the little monsters and self-professed freaks of the universe, to have more VMA nominations in a single year than any artist in MTV history," says Gaga. "Ironically, I'm even more proud it's an unlucky number: 13."  She adds: "A long time ago the world told me and my little monsters we would never be heard, together we changed the rules. God put me on Earth for three reasons: To make loud music, gay videos and cause a damn raucous. Thank you, MTV!"

Daily Franco...

I'm not sure if I used this photo or not already...but I love it, it stays.  He's still wreaking havoc on General Hospital and gracing my television every, be sure to see Eat Pray Love....not only do I think it will be a fantastic movie as a whole, but he's in it as one of Julia's men for a while, so you can bet your ass I'll be going to see that one...also keep an eye out for Howl this fall, where he plays Allen Ginsberg.  I think you're going to have to be someone that appreciates Ginsberg's work to get this one though.  It was a hit at Sundance, but who knows how that will translate to mainstream.  Typically not well.  We shall see.  Here's a New York Times video interview from 2008 right around the time he did Pineapple Express and Milk with Sean Penn.  Happy viewing.  And let's be honest.  Viewing ANYTHING is better than viewing that photo of Snooki Troll.

Oh Snooks, you make this too easy....

This crazy troll...I swear....This photo just made me laugh out was the first thing I saw courtesy of People Magazine this morning and I really just don't have any words.  Between her stealing Oscar the Grouch's feet yesterday (see yesterday's Snooki photo) and now this today....there just isn't anything I can say.  She is her own brand.  That 'Thug Life' hat tops it all off.  And the Gatorade under her arm is a nice touch....just getting her morning electrolytes I'm sure....before she gets rid of them all again by 10am. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Well now I've heard it all....

Oh Gaga, you crazy freak that I tend to the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair she's given an interview entirely in 'Gaga-speak'....meaning only she understands it and the rest of us think shes nuts.  First of all, a disclaimer....I love Lady Gaga...I'm happy she came along, I like her music, I like her wacked-out style and unapologetic weirdness.  But this girl is a strange duck (obviously) this Vanity Fair article she talks about alot of areas of her life and what goes on inside her head...her drug use, her sex life, her romance problems.  Here's a snippet out of the article that People Magazine got ahold of...."I'm drawn to bad romances," she says. "And my song ["Bad Romance"] is about whether I go after those [sort of relationships] or if they find me. I'm perpetually lonely. I'm lonely when I'm in relationships. It's my condition as an artist."  What's more, "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina," says the uncensored star. "I'm quite celibate now."   Uh-huh.  I see.  Well, she's got herself a new boyfriend, so I'm sure she's not all THAT 'celibate'.  Well....I guess go check out the article if you want to because I was totally going to say something a little inappropriate on here, but since we have some 'sensitive ears' that apparently read this, I better not.  If you want to know my REAL thoughts on that quote, ask and I will tell. 

Pure Elegance

If this isn't the picture of grace and elegance, I don't know what is.  Apparently this is just before her arrest on Friday afternoon for public drunkeness and disorderly conduct.  Check out those shoes on her feet.  I'm sure somewhere Oscar the Grouch is crying because his feet are missing!  I've said it before and I'll say it again...WHAT A TROLL. 

Jimmy & the Cop

Here's your Daily Franco....this is another hilarious Funny or Die sketch that he was in recently...and throws quite the hissy fit.  The dude playing 'James Franco' actually cracks me up the most.

A book thats about to be bigger than that Twilight mess

Don't act like you aren't excited about this...I have a few of you readers in mind who I know will be lining up for this piece of literary ART.  That little boy crooner Justin Bieber is getting set to publish....wait for it....wait for it....his memoirs.  His LIFE story.  Now, riddle me this...just because you're a superstar at the age of 15 or 16 (or 5, whatever)....does that mean you've lived enough life to be able to right your life story?  Shouldn't you wait until you've become an E! True Hollywood Story for your FALL from fame?  And not your rise to it?  Isn't that when most celebrities write their books?  When they need money?  This kid doesn't need money and I'm pretty sure that writing a life story before you've even hit puberty is a bit ridiculous. each his own I suppose.  Here's what USAToday's Lifeline Live has to say about it, The teen singing sensation is about to share his life story — what he's had so far, that is — in a new book from HarperCollins.  The official illustrated memoir from the multi-platinum selling 16-year-old pop superstar will tell the behind-the-scenes story of his journey to superstardom. Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story includes never-before-seen photos of the Canadian teen. The hardcover book will be sold for $21.99 starting in October.

Dawson got married.....

And no...not to Joey, like I know you were secretly hoping for...Some dude named Tom Cruise swooped in and got her.  Whatever with that.  I kid, I kid.  James Van Der Beek (forever Dawson Leary) announced via Twitter that he and his prego girlfriend tied the knot.  His new wife's name is Kimberly Brook and I have no idea if she's an actress or what...its all a little sketchy I think b/c James just reached a divorce settlement agreement with his former wife of six years Heather Ann McComb this past March.  Pretty recent.  Anyway...this is kind of boring 'news' but if you were in high school in the late 90s...Dawson's Creek ruled your world once 90210 was over and done.  That's really all there is to say about that....I haven't seen James in anything really since Varsity Blues.  Maybe I'm not paying close attention, but he seems to have kind of fallen off the radar.  Oh well....we always have the creek.

A mess on the loose...kind of....

Well...while most of us were sound to sleep in the wee hours of this morning--or in my case, up watching reruns of Roseanne because I took a massive nap late in the day yesterday--Lohan was getting released from jail.  That's right, as suspected she only served 13 days of a 90 day sentence due to 'good behavior' and is now off to some rehab facility at UCLA Medical Center.  Here's what's pissing me off about this not surprising act:  First, she serves only 13 days of jail time for REPEATED violations that involve alcohol and drug abuse.  She's been in trouble for drunk driving, for violating terms of probation, etc....then she only serves 13 days due to 'good  behavior'.  OF COURSE she's on 'good behavior' IN JAIL.  She has nowhere to get drugs and no way to get all drunked up and go drive somewhere.  Anywhere other than Hollywood, she'd be spending quite a bit more time in the clink for this.  People are saying that she will make the next big 'comeback' like Britney Spears...first of all, I would call what Britney had, the inkling of a comeback....have you heard anything about her recently?  Didn't think so.  And maybe I'd believe that a smidge more if Lindsay had some glimmer of talent.  I've yet to see that.  I will put money down on a bet that in less than a year she's in trouble again.  Anyway, I rant.  Here's what People Magazine had to say, "She was released at 1:35 a.m.," Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said outside the jail. "She has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment center. And she will now be under the supervision of the L.A. County probation department. This concludes her custody."   Seriously you mess of a girl, get your shit together....the world is sick of hearing about you.