Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spiderman....The Musical?!

First of all, don't EVEN act surprised that I used a picture of James Franco for discussion of Spiderman.  You should just KNOW that by now.  Moving along....reports from USAToday are saying that Spiderman, the Musical will begin showing previews on November 14 and will officially open on December 21.  This show has been 6 years in the making and is being called the most expensive show ever made.  It has hit alot of financial bumps in the road along the way as well.  Now....there are LOTS of movies that I wouldn't mind seeing be made into a musical.  Spiderman is not one of them.  I smell disaster.  The only thing I think this show has going for it is the fact that famed director Julie Taymor is behind it.  She directed The Lion King, so she's no stranger to elaborate, expensive productions.  I'm nine kinds of cynical about this one...I don't see it lasting too long, but then again, I didn't see Shrek being a musical either and clearly I was wrong about that one.

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