Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spiccoli & Jenny are no more....

Reports surfaced this morning stating that Sean Penn & Robin Wright-Penn's marriage is officially over.  I thought this was sad when I heard about it months ago, and I still think its sad.  I respect the hell out of Sean Penn's acting career and the work that he does, but I have a feeling he's a real a-hole in day to day life.  He strikes me as a short fuse and a hot temper.  They kept it pretty quiet as to what went on inside this marriage that caused it to crumble stating the usual irreconcilable differences...some reports have idicated there was cheating going on....  In any case, they were married for 14 years; have a 16 year son and a 19 year old daughter together.  For some reason, I just find this split a little sad. 

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