Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Starz has cancelled a 3rd season of Party Down.  DISLIKE.  You can go Twitter to see what people are saying about it....its already a trending topic to hate Starz and RIP Party Down....This is just stupid.  Two of the main characters went on to take jobs with major network shows so they had to leave PD, but the rest of the cast was just as talented and I believe they could've made an effort for a 3rd season especially now that the show is just starting to pick up steam and take off.  What a crock...way to punch a puppy, Starz.  You make me sad. 

This mess just keeps getting dumber.....

And I'm dumber for even posting about it since the most I've ever paid attention to this entire story is now.  Vienna is whining about Jake again....blah blah blah.  I'm not even going to try and paraphrase this...Its straight from People Magazine.... The former Bachelor duo, who had avoided contact since their breakup, reunited for the cameras in an interview with host Chris Harrison set to air July 5 on ABC. It did not go well.
"Vienna calls Jake 'a liar' and 'a fame whore'," an ABC press release says. "Jake feels Vienna always undermines him and tears him down. They face off about who broke up with whom. Vienna defends herself against allegations of infidelity." After what ABC calls an "intense verbal confrontation," Vienna "bursts into tears and storms out, ending the interview."  But the exes do agree on one thing – their courtship was legitimate, even away from the cameras. "They acknowledge the love they felt was real," ABC says. "But … their relationship is beyond repair."   You can go to to read all about it, but this was the gist.  How stupid.  These 2 are worse than that little boyfriend/girlfriend couple you had in your 6th grade class who were the "talk of the town" b/c they were holding hands on the playground and sat by each other at lunch....and then they broke up in dramatic 12 year old fashion.  Gross.  Vienna's eyes scare me.  They're not straight or something.  ?

So Long Larry....Its been real.

Larry King announced on air last night that he will be leaving Larry King Live after 25 years on the air.  This is the longest stretch one person has had the same show on the same timeslot on the same network.  Larry is only 67 years old, which I found amazing....he looks about 80!  Ok not nice, but he says he's leaving to "have more time for my wife and I to get to the kids' little league games."   His wife has had a whole mess of troubles recently, with drug overdosing, divorce rumors, etc.  So who knows what will come out next.  That being said, I've always kind of liked Larry King Live.  He's a no BS kind of guy.  Here's wishing you well Larry....I'll be interested to see who the successor is....lots of rumors swirling about Ryan Seacrest.  I'm sure that dude really needs another job.  (Sarcasm)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford

I adore Helen Mirren and here she is talking about her new movie Love Ranch which is directed by her real-life husband Taylor Hackford.  I've seen maybe one other interview with these 2 together and they are adorable.  Helen is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women out there today.  Most women at the age of 60 would DIE for her body....Hell, most women period would.  She's even posed topless in a magazine recently and said that it didn't bother her at all... if you ask me....thats kind of awesome.  You go Helen!

These Two Supposedly Got Married....Do You Care?

Apparently Star Magazine is reporting that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green got married in Hawaii last week.  They just got engaged a second ago for the 2nd time after dating off and on for 6 years.  Brian has a young son with actress Vanessa Marcil (who, by the way, returns to General Hospital this summer as well...if you care.)  SO...thats about all I have to say about this b/c I really don't care about either of these two.  Now perhaps if Brian Austin Green (forever David Silver) and Tori Spelling (forever Donna Martin) got hitched, I'd be all over it.  And I'd play the 90210 theme music in the background while watching the story on the news. Ok, enough.  I need coffee.

Rob Lowe is writing a book.....

Sign me up.  According to, actor Rob Lowe is writing a memoir on his life as an actor and a father....the book titled, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends" will be published and on shelves in May 2011.  I wonder if it will include the stories of his scandal with a sex tape back in the 80s??  Anyway....Rob Lowe is smokin' hot.  Time has done him well.  I've always liked him and pretty much always drooled over him.  Here's two pics.  Rob Lowe then, Rob Lowe now.  And because I'm a glutton for celebrity 'biographies"....I guarantee you I'll be buying this one. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shame on You Vince Neil!

Sources tell E! News that Vince Neil was arrested this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence.  The source says there was an accident, but that no one was hurt.  Well, this gets a big W-T-F from me because back in 1984 Vince was involved in a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver obviously) and Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzel Dingely was killed and 2 others were injured.  He was also arrested for beating the crap out of a prostitute in 2003.  Will someone PLEASE tell me how this bozo even HAD a license to begin with?!  Vince, you dumbass.  Get off the road....or quit boozing....or both.  And nice photo by the way....this was from another blog I was reading....these girls look a busted up mess.  I hope Vince made sure the one on the far right was indeed female.  I'm not too sure by the little bit of "her" face that I can actually see.

Franco Returns to GH...

THIS Wednesday June 30, James Franco will return to Port Charles as creepy psycho-killer Franco....I've thought this storyline was brilliant from Day 1 back in January and I'm so excited to see him return.  Here's what he has to say about it via SoapNET.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Uh-Oh, I hear a backlash coming...Maybe....

Well well well...last night was the Twilight: Eclipse premiere in LA and the writer of the saga, Stephanie Meyer, let People Magazine in on some secrets regarding the NEXT in the Twilight series which will be Breaking Dawn.  She told People, "You will see sex – Yes!" She went on to say, "The relationship [between Pattinson's Edward and Stewart's Bella] does go all the way in the book, so in the movie, it will as well. You are going to see more skin in Breaking Dawn than you did in the other films." She also went on to say that she didn't know if the added material would get the film an R rating rather than its usual PG-13 rating.  Now, I have to give you a disclaimer, as if you didn't already know, I am NOT a Twilight fan.  I tried reading the first book and may very well be the only female ALIVE that didn't like it.  I also saw parts of the first film, again, didn't care.  I don't know what it is, I guess this vampire craze that has hit the country's tween and adult females just doesn't do anything for me.  I missed the memo on that one.  That being said, I think this could go 2 ways.  One, I think if the marketing execs for these films are SMART, they will keep it a PG-13 rating since that is their target (and largest) demographic. It would be absolutely stupid and tragic (for the success of the film) to target a more mature audience by giving Breaking Dawn an R rating.  I just don't think it would happen.  Second, IF they go with as much sex and skin as they're predicting--and films can get away with ALOT for PG-13--I think there will be an uproar of angry parents.  Angry parents that will want to know WHY the saga sucked in their daughters (no pun intended) only to put sex and other things that are too grown up in front of them.  You know it will happen.  There will be a "controversy" on whether or not the new film is too provacative for the target audience.  We shall see.  I think it will be interesting.  On a side note...this photo is from the premiere last night.  I actually think Kristen Stewart looks amazing.  Love the mini-dress....but WHAT in 1970s hell is Robert Pattinson wearing?  Why does he always look stoned out of his mind?  Anyway....moving on.

A Year Without Michael...

I honestly cannot believe its been one full YEAR since Michael Jackson died.  I think thats going to be one of those moments where you never forget exactly where you were and what you were doing...much like people who remember when Elvis died.  I know I was on a treadmill in the gym and when the breaking news came on over the show I had been watching, I nearly fell down and flew off that treadmill! (I wouldn't actually accomplish that embarrassing moment until several months later, and I have the scars to prove it.)  Anyway, I remember being absolutely shocked.  Then, as more and more news came out, I wasn't so shocked.  It still didn't seem quite real though and watching his memorial from the Staples Center was nothing short of surreal for anyone that grew up with his music, his dance moves and his persona in general.  It was strange.  SO....the King of Pop has been gone a year....raise a glass, or a sparkly glove, hell, do the Thriller in your office for a minute.  Remember the greatest pop artist of our generation.  May he rest in peace.

Filthy is RIGHT. now you should probably have realized that absolutely nothing I post on this page is actually newsworthy....its mindless chatter that I enjoy rambling about and usually ranting about.  Some people just make it TOO easy for me though...and by "some people", I mean these Jersey Shore tools.  Yesterday I posted that The Situation (whatever) was launching some cheap clothing JWoww and that Snookers girl are launching a line of sunglasses....and the name.....FILTHY COUTURE.  Filthy is about right.  Anyway, here's what JWoww told People Magazine about their sunglasses and other fashion ventures they hope to get into,  “I would love to see Lady Gaga in one of my bathing suits,” she revealed. “I’d love to open PEOPLE magazine and see her in one of my bathing suits on the beach. That would be…like, it.” The budding designer also had some style ideas for A-lister elites Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie: “I’d put them in more like an evening gown…strapless, no rhinestones or crystals. They’re like glam…glam classic… you want to keep it like that.”  Ok.  The day a Jersey Shore jerk like this gets a designer job for Jennfier Aniston or Angelina, I think will be the day we can officially predict the end of the world being upon us.  I mean, because these two are the epitome of "glamorous".

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Gag Me....

Wow...these Jersey Shore messes are really getting their 15 minutes of fame and then some.  I honestly cannot believe that this guy The Situation....I've never figured that name out....WHAT situation?  Anyway....first he gets a rap record deal (I use that entire phrase incredibly loosely) and now he's launching line?!  WHO decided this was a good idea?  I thought Jon Gosselin was the be all end all of douchbag clothing...but this guy I have a feeling is going to take the cake in the d-bag outfit department.  Here's what has to say about it:

"Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will soon be showing off more than just his abs: his new clothing line.

Sorrentino, who stars in MTV's hit reality show Jersey Shore, has teamed up with Miami-based Dilligaf by Bohica Bill to launch a couture line. The line — to be called Dilligaf Couture by the Sitch — will debut in July and will consist of T-shirts, sweat shirts and accessories. The items will feature his own artwork and the brand's acronym Dilligaf. The clothing will be available online and in retail stores throughout the country. Prices will range from $39 to $79 per item."

Well I just read to the bottom and I'm guessing these fine items will be available in Wal-Mart at those prices....or JCPenny.  Well boys, go out and get dressed up like The Situation I guess.  Let me know how that works out for you.  Yuck.


UGGGGHHH....I actually liked this Jake guy from the one episode of the Bachelor that I watched last season....he's cute, he's a pilot....thats all I knew.  Actually thats all I cared about.  But he keeps flapping his gums about his breakup with that hag Vienna and now I just want him to shut up and go away.  According to People Magazine, Jake broke up with Vienna via phone...from 2100 miles away.  Lame.  BUT, it gets's his reasoning: He was struggling to get into character for his role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva,, which he was filming in Atlanta while Vienna remained in Los Angeles. "One of the keys to acting is you have to get out of your head," Pavelka, 32, tells PEOPLE. "This [show] didn't hire me to be Jake, they hired me to play Toby Davlin. I can't be Jake and sell this character."  D-BAG.  Not a d-bag b/c he dumped her ass, but d-bag for that comment.  Move aside Jake.  And just be quiet and sit there and look pretty. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BOOM! The Lady goes down....

Lady Gaga bit the dust after falling off her ridiculous shoes with no heels the other night.  I will always laugh at people falling.  But when a celebrity (who I like very much, mind you) that wears RIDICULOUS shoes takes a spill...its even better.

Casey Affleck Answers 5 Questions for USAToday

I have liked Casey Affleck since he appeared alongside his older brother Ben in Good Will Hunting...he's very much under the radar, except for the Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 films....but he's extremely acclaimed in the independent film world and has recently done some directing.  I always like seeing press take interest in him.  I think he's done some great work and will continue to. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye Candy for the Day

Good Morning James Franco....courtesy of Finding Franco.

Uh Oh American Idol....

According to, American Idol producers have decided to lower the age range from 16 to 15 for contestants....the range goes to 28.  15-28.  That's quite a spread for the next American Idol.  We all know American Idol may be (most likely) facing their last season coming up.....too much on the show has changed.  Paula is gone, Simon is gone....this past season was a complete snore....etc....I wonder if the producers are hoping to create the next Justin Bieber?  Who knows...I think this is bad though.  A 15 year old has no business being thrust into the spotlight, but thats just my humble opinion....Justin Bieber was a lucky case I suppose....I say we revisit him in 10 years and see if he's still half normal.  I think this is the beginning of the end of American Idol....actually I think the beginning of the end was this entire season.

No Kidding....You Don't Say?

According to People Magazine, the Bachelor's Jake Pavelka and that Vienna weirdo have split.  Gosh, I didn't see this one coming from a zillion miles away.  Did anyone even GET this anyway?  I only watched one episode of the Bachelor and it was early on and featured Vienna being a complete moron to get Jake's attention...not unlike the other girls in the cast....but I was shocked when I heard that he actually picked her at the end.  First of all, these shows are completely one should be shocked when this forced nonsense doesn't work out....but these two just blew my mind.  He actually seemed half way normal, but then I guess that may not be entirely true seeing as how he went on the show in the first place....but he's a pilot and I love that.  One bonus point there for Jake.  No points for Vienna who just looked like a fame-whore to me the few times I saw her.  SO...anyway....that's that.  Another one bites the dust. Actually, now that I think about it, it doesn't seem to be going to well for the Bachelorette Ali (or however you spell it)...I don't watch that either, but I read about it and she seems to be getting some real duds on that show, so maybe Jake and Ali will re-unite in the end.  Who knows.  And lets be honest....who REALLY cares?

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 57th Birthday to one of the biggest pop icons ever....Ms. Cyndi Lauper....and she's still kickin'.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Party Down & Vote!

Over on Twitter Martin Starr of the amazing TV show Party Down is asking his fans to vote for Party Down as Best Comedy at the Tubey pressure of course.  Truth is, this show IS phenomenal and its in danger of not coming back for a 3rd season due to casting changes, etc...please dear GOD let this show come back!  You can go to to vote for Party Down for Best Comedy.  Its extremely easy.  Just go there, point and click.  You're done.  If you haven't watched any clips of this show or any episodes STILL, you need to either go to the Party Down page on Facebook or the show's page at  My season 2 DVD has already been pre-ordered so I'm pretty stoked right now.  VOTE!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously. GROSS.

WTF was Miley Cyrus thinking when she looked in the mirror before taking the stage at the Toronto MuchMusic Awards this past weekend?  How much is she paying her costume designer because I'm pretty sure a 5 year old could've designed that white outfit and that black getup looks like the dollar tree version of Lady GaGa.  I do not get this chick.  I wish bazillions of girls weren't looking up to her.  I predict in 3-5 years from now this girl has a breakdown.  She's well on her way.

The Toys Have it.

Toy Story 3 was the darling of the box office this past weekend raking in a record number for a June release.  According to Toy Story 3 opened with $109 million this weekend.  This is the 11th consecutive hit for Pixar.  This is one that I haven't seen yet and have heard nothing but amazing things about it.  Have any of you seen it?  If so, let me know your thoughts.

Oz from American Pie Goes to Rehab

You know?  This guy's story is a bit sad to me.  Remember American Pie?  Remember when you saw that and it was seriously one of the funniest movies you'd seen in quite some time?  I remember thinking that the entire main cast were going to be the next big thing.  That really wasn't the case for anyone other than Sean William Scott perhaps.  Now here's Chris Klein.  This guy has been struggling ever since those movies.  He's had several alcohol problems and now, People Magazine reports he's headed back to rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Utah.  How come ALL celebrities go there?  It seems more like a vacation spot to me, but who knows.  Here's wishing Oz a speedy recovery.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh Miley, Just be QUIET....

Miley Cyrus was on Good Morning America singing with Bret Michaels on his song Every Rose Has Its Thorn?  What?  You didn't watch that mess?  Me either.  Moving on....apparently in this interview on Good Morning America, Miley spewed on and on about how she just wants to be herself and wants to know whats real and whats's a snippet: "There's nothing that I'm holding back. And that's what I want to give to my girl fans. Just be who you are."   Come again?  "just be be who you are?"  Girl please, YOU don't even know who you are!  You don't like country music OR pop music and you don't like your songs because they're not "your style"....I think you need to figure YOU out before you go telling the girls of America what to do.  And stop covering classic 80s songs....for the love of God.

Did Her Face Crack??

What's this I see?  Kristen Stewart actually....SMILING?  AND looking happy?  Albeit dressed like the bow of a Christmas present, but she looks happy nonetheless.  She's so socially awkward I'm surprised to see her actually looking like this...I had to do a double take.

Zack Morris on Weeds

Good Morning's a tidbit for you if you like the show Weeds...Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka forever and always Zack Morris will be joining the cast...the new season starts August 16.  So far this is a slow Pop Culture news day...I hope something exciting comes along this afternoon.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2011 Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees are in.....

And they include the Muppets!!!! has announced that among the 2011 honorees as announced by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will also include Oprah Winfrey, Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donald Sutherland and Danny DeVito. Honorees in the recording category include Melissa Etheridge, Los Tigres Del Norte and Rascal Flatts.  Congrats! (Mostly to the Muppets)

Han Solo & Ally McBeal

If you haven't seen this yet, you're living in a cave....its being plastered all over the place like its a major newsworthy I'll add to it...congrats to Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart on tying the knot after dating for 8 flippin' years.  He's 67 and she's 45.  Whatever floats your boat.

Not THIS again....

I'd heard rumors a while back about Bret Michaels doing a duet with Miley Cyrus at some point since she's covering his hit "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"...go ahead...cringe and cry...its ok....the video showed up in a blog I read last night and has since been taken down, but the audio is enough to make your ears bleed and your soul cry.  Anyway....according to People Magazine, he'll join Miley on the stage at Good Morning America tomorrow to sing that duet....I'll not be tuning in.  Now, I love Bret Michaels...even during that Rock of Love nonsense, I always thought he came across as a really good guy....and now having faced some serious health issues and bounced back, he's pretty OK with me.  But not one with the last name Cyrus should be allowed to touch a Poison classic.  Ever.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So...I love the band Muse...alot of people have never heard of the band Muse, but they are simply amazing.  The fusion of instrumentation, lights, and the lead singer's killer voice are all spot on.  In fact, I happen to think they are the only good thing about the Twilight Saga as they are on the sound tracks.  They have a very ethereal sound that just transports me and I absolutely love it.  My personal favorite of theirs is "Starlight". know what I DON'T love?  I don't love the fact that lead singer is apparently now dating Kate Hudson.  That girl has been all over Hollywood (you know in what sense I'm speaking) and I do not like that she's  now infiltrated herself into Matthew Bellamy's world.  Major dislike. 

And THIS, boys and girls, is why I adore James Franco....

TV Guide Magazine recently sat down with this guy to get inside his head and find out what really makes him do the things he does.  By Hollywood standards, he's extremely unconventional and non-conformist...alot of people question his motives...but I think he's just plain smart.  (And hot...but thats beside the point.) Here's a snippet of the article.  You can click on the link below it to the full article:

"TV Guide Magazine: I’m guessing that most of your movie-star pals would consider it ridiculous — if not downright suicidal — to take a role on a daytime soap. What makes you so different?

Franco: I’ve come to realize that maybe this is my only life, so I’m pursuing everything I’m interested in.

TV Guide Magazine: Still, you seem to find value in even the slimmest of experiences, like when you cameo’d as yourself in a game-show sketch on Saturday Night Live and didn’t have a single line of dialogue. You’ve done countless movies without a screen credit. You put your film career on hold to go back to college. You do not go with the flow.

Franco: I went back to school because I wanted to pursue writing. Rather than trying to do it solo, I needed to be around other serious writers. That’s why I go on SNL to try comedy, because those are some of the funniest people around. Why not work with the best?

TV Guide Magazine: Were you raised to be this open and experimental? Is it a Franco family trait?

Franco: My parents didn’t consciously infuse that kind of thing. But they met when they both were art majors at Stanford. My mother’s been an author of children’s books. She’s now a novelist for young adults. My grandmother and my uncle are art dealers. So I grew up around the art world and I’ve been branching out and trying new things since I was a teenager.

TV Guide Magazine: Why do you get off on GH? What’s in it for you?

Franco: I’m very grateful for my acting career but six or seven years ago I came to understand that acting in film is all about the director. And that’s fine. I have accepted that. But I know that I might never feel a sense of creative ownership working that way. I can feel good about working with a great director but at the end of the day I’m still helping him achieve his vision. So I needed something else. I need outlets where I can feel more a part of the creative core, and I found that at GH."

To read the full article go to:

No...Just No.

This is just what the world needs.  That hag Kate Gosselin in our faces whoring herself out on a dating show.  Please Dear GOD no.  Life & Style Magazine has a "source" that is claiming, "“Kate’s working on a deal to do a new reality dating series on ABC. “Kate would love to have someone in her life. She really misses the companionship. She wishes she had a man around to help her out.”  Oh please...the first guy that lines up for his 15 minutes of fame doing this thing needs to get a giant "STUPID" stamp on his head...and the one that ends up "falling in love" with this girl and her small army of children needs to be examined for mental sanity.  This is so stupid.  Plain and simple, Kate has no money.  The only way she gets money is to keep putting herself and her children on these ridiculous shows.  I feel bad for them.  I hope she's invested in therapy for the rest of their lives.  I have a feeling they're gonna need it!

Precious' Mom Can SANG!!!

For those of you that missed America's Got Talent last night, you missed a pretty amazing audition.  Since I never watch the show and just happened to turn it on while waiting for General Hospital to come on (don't judge!) I really don't know anything else about it other than this performer I just happened to witness.  This is Miss Alice Tan Ridley, the mother of Gabourey Sidibe who starred in Precious.  I was amazed by what I heard and her story is sweet as well.  She's been singing in the NYC subways for years and never got discovered.  Seems like a sweet lady who may just get her big break.  If nothing else, she's an internet sensation today and she blew the judges away last night AND got a standing ovation mid-song as well as at the end.  Here's the video! Take a look!

Party on with Party Down

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again...WATCH PARTY is the BEST show you're not watching.  Why?  Because its very under the radar but has steadily been picking up steam over the last 6 months or so.  This show stars Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, and Megan Mullaly came on to replace Jane Lynch.... and AMAZING guest stars each episode...its also produced by Paul Rudd....among others.  Go to to find out more about it and you CAN watch it free on Netflix without having Starz.  Also, here's a great review on the show:

America's Favorite Senior Citizen is BAAAACK!!!

I don't know about you, but tonight I'll be in front of my TV at 9pm precisely to watch TV Land's new sitcom Hot In Cleveland.  Does it look like the next great thing in television?  No, but it does look to have its funny moments, plus Betty White is starring in it as well as Valerie Bertinelli and I love both of them.  The premise looks a bit weak and ridiculous, but the review that put up today is a very honest one and paints it as more of a "Golden Girls, only now Betty White is playing the Sophia part."  Read the review here :
Or just tune into TV Land at 9pm and see for yourself.  I'm all for more Betty White on TV!


All you children of the 80s out there get ready....The Smurfs are hitting the Big Apple 3-D style next summer!!!! This is so exciting, I almost spit my coffee all over my computer screen....sources say the movie will debut in theatres August 2011. BUT, you can read all about this project which has some great names behind it....Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays (Glee) all about it on Here's the actual link:

Step OFF Snooki!

UGGGGH...according to People Magazine, lil' Miss Jersey Shore Snooki, aka Miss Bumpit USA OR Miss Tragic Spray Tan USA...has been "twitter flirting" with one Mr. Jordan Knight.  Back away from the New Kids on the Block Snooks!  You will not discuss "fist pumping" or anything of the like with them....Jordan was my favorite.  Stay away!  According to People, here's how this twitter flirt session went down....gag.... ""Wanna meet up since you;re in town? We can finally fist pump together," Knight replied, "I'd love to Snooks.... Lemme know. I'm all yours."  Gross.  Jordan continued by saying ""Just so you all know .... I'm yours forever not just a few fist pumps."  Then, if that wasn't enough, he continued..... "Wow .... that sounded very dirty and very sweet all at the same time."  WELL....I'm not sure I find that very sweet, but perhaps Snooks did.  Who knows.  She best stay away from Donnie or we're going to have a problem.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its a Baby Girl for Kelly Kapowski!

People Magazine reports that Tiffani Thiessen, or forever otherwise known as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell popped out a baby girl today in Las Angeles.  Tiffani and her husband, Brady Smith, have named the baby Harper Renn.  Congrats Kelly Kapowski!  However, I'm still holding out hope that now that Zach Morris is single, those two will hook back up.  Lame, I know.  Shush up.

Hollywood Coming to the Rescue.....???

Will members of Hollywood's elite be the ones to save BP's ass for this oil tragedy that is well over 50 days  old now?  Pop Shop visitor Ashley brought this to my attention this morning....I had seen reports of this on the news, but then didn't hear anything else so I figured it died any case...James Cameron, director of the two highest grossing films in history, Titanic and Avatar, offered to have a "listenening session" with BP regarding new ways to remove the oil from the sea and get this thing cleaned up.  Cameron may have a point as he's used to using submersible film equipment at depths of one mile or more below sea level.  He's done this for several of his films so he's offered insight on equipment that may help this case.  You can read more about his visit with BP here:  Now, all he's really doing is offering advice and suggestions regarding equipment and types of materials that can sustain activity miles below the ocean's surface.  Kevin Costner on the other hand is actually offering real equipment through a company he personally backs.  According to MSNBC, "BP has ordered 32 centrifuges from Costner's company Ocean Therapy Solutions.  Each of these centrifuges suck in oil and water and spin them at high speeds, thereby seperating the oil from the water, keeping the oil and releasing the clean water back into the ocean.  Inspired by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, he and his scientist brother teamed up with a former Department of Energy employee and joined forces with Ocean Therapy Solutions, a California-based company with a hub in Louisiana, and created their first machines about a decade ago." Costner personally put in $20 million to the project.  This to me sounds very credible.  He's got the technology and the money to actually help with this thing and the fact that BP has already bought these centrifuges is saying alot.  Hollywood may just come to the rescue in this least they're helping and making an effort, which is what people down on the coast seem to be desperate for.  If you want to read more about what Kevin Costner is doing, go to  Its pretty interesting.  And that my friends concludes my serious post for the day.  Thank you Ashley!

Happy Birthday NPH!!

Here's a little birthday candy for you....Neil Patrick Harris turns 37 today....Happy Birthday!  You're still Doogie to me though.  : ) 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on Mark Sanchez's Random Tony Appearance

Apparently NOT so random...according to People Magazine, New York Jets player Mark Sanchez has been dating Jamie Lynn-Sigler for a while now...and they were at the Tonys together when he announced "Memphis" performance.  Hmm.  Perhaps that explains it.  I thought it was awful random...but honestly the only tie I'm able to come up with is that he lives in New York, happens to like theatre a bit and she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for a bit.  Oh well...on with my day. 

Tiny little Harry Potter...or Giant Robot Katie?

Good God!  This didn't look QUITE as bad on TV last night as it does in this photo...but Harry Potter (Daniel something...I can't remember) and Tom Cruise's lady robot Katie Holmes look so strange here...He's so short...she's so tall and WHY doesn't her dress go to the floor?  What kind of last-minute outfit is this?  Its not even a pretty color.  I fail to believe she did that on purpose.  Somewhere in the world some poor tailor is probably jobless in a gutter right now because he (or she) made Katie's dress too short.  Who knows.  Ridiculous.

Coffee Break....and WTF Kim Kardashian??

I'm having one of those days where no matter how much caffeine I drink I cannot wake the hell up!  I have no idea what my deal is, but I've had enough caffeine to kill a pony and I still feel like I could sleep for that leads me to my coffee break and some more pop culture nonsense to fill your heads with.  I'm sure my thank you note's in the mail....While perusing my usual websites and blogs I came across a few random tidbits of non-importance to share with you.  First...according to HollyScoop ( The Situation from Jersey Shore is no longer whoring out his 18 pack abs just for female delight (a big whatever to that one)...apparently he's whored them out just enough to land....a record deal?  Some rumor is floating around that he's inked a deal to release a RAP record.  Hi-larious.  This guy's 15 minutes are being strung out all over the place and we're going to have to suffer for it.  I'm betting that this never really comes to fruition...much like Kevin Federline's so-called rap debut...SO I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.  Actually it might not be a BAD idea to get him some more publicity if that takes some of the spotlight from that little troll Snookie.  She seriously looks like one of those little trolls I used to play with when I was in 3rd grade...the ones with the giant eyes and big hair??  You know what I'm talking about.  If I have to see any more of her fake tanner greased face, Bump-it hair and that ridiculous accent, I'm going to yak.  Moving on....Also according to Holly Scoop, Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of a breakdown.  Really?  REALLY?  Hasn't this been coming for about 5 years now?  Something about her assistant finally not being able to take it anymore so she quit and now Lindsay doesn't have anyone by her side to "do things" for her.  I'm sorry...I missed the memo that said you were the f-ing Queen and had servants by your side every second.  Hell, I even missed the memo that said you were a credible "celebrity" and deserved any attention whatsoever.  But hey, if you're cool with grabbing headlines for being passed out in public, doing lines of coke, wearing a disgusting ankle alcohol monitor and having a tragic spray tan, then that's cool with me.  Makes me feel quite normal about myself.  Oh...and finally, the photo....that Baby thing Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian?  WTF?  What is going on here?  I know he said she was hot and she says she wants babies all the time....maybe that explains this photo shoot?  I have no clue and probably don't want to know either. 


Good Morning Poppers....
After my LOOONG re-cap of the Tony Awards from last night...I just have a few bits to share with you....first of all...Happy Birthday Boy George...he's 49 today and let me tell ya...this was the first time I can remember seeing a dude in full on woman makeup when I was little and I must say I was thoroughly confused for a moment.  Next...someone please tell me how Karate Kid managed to rake in $56M at the box office this weekend and become the #1 movie?  I'm still boycotting it.  I refuse to contribute and pay to go see it.  I actually had someone ask me if I wanted to go see it with him...and then he took his offer back saying "no,'ll annoy the shit out of me during it."  Probably true.  Definitely true.  Ugh.  Oh, and I am not a big Letterman fan...every now and then I'll turn it on, but I'm not a regular viewer...and later on this week won't be my time to become one either...little Miss Hillbilly USA (Miley Cyrus) will take the stage at Letterman for the first time ever.....and my ears will weep.  But not really, because I won't be watching...they'll just KNOW and they'll weep for the souls of those who ARE watching.  That's all for now...the day is young Poppers...I'll return. 

Sean Hayes.....

Sean Hayes was BRILLIANT.  The night opened with him playing piano for just about every act that performed an opening medley...who knew he was skilled at the ivories...everything from him making out with Kristen Chenowith (hilarious) to his many...ahem costume his general delivery of the jokes without need for stupid slapstick....he was fantastic.  I rank him right up there with Neil Patrick Harris.  His quote that earned him roars from the audience..."There's Bernadette Peters...yep, thats the BP that's NOT ruining the planet."  Loved it.  He portrayed Billy Elliot...Annie...and Spiderman throughout the night.  And I loved him.

Tony Awards 2010 Re-Cap

Ok, I took pages of notes last night and they are in chicken scratch so we'll see if I can make sense of them today.  First of all, I thought these Tonys were one of the best I've seen in a long time.  I didn't think I could like anyone more than Neil Patrick Harris as the host, but Sean Hayes proved me wrong in SO many ways.  Loved him.  I'll get to him in his own post.  The show opened with a medley from several of the newer shows on Broadway this season...I had forgotten La Cage Aux Folles was being revived again...thats a hilarious show...its the musical version of 'The Birdcage' starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.  But I was beyond thrilled to see what I thought was going to be just a short performance by the cast of 'American Idiot' turn into an amazing short rock concert from Green Day.  To see the typically stuffy Broadway crowd in their tuxes jamming to Green Day was awesome.  At one point the cameras panned to Lea Michele of Glee and I saw her mouth the word "amazing"....amazing was right.  On to the awards....and I should warn you that I really have a hard time paying attention to much other than musicals.  The plays don't do a whole lot for me....what's that you say?  I'm not a TRUE fan of the theatre....oh please....this is the same girl that upon getting in trouble when I was younger and being sent to my room, would go in there and blast SHOWTUNES, like the major rebel that I was.  I'm a fan of the theatre, I just have a soft spot for the musicals.  Moving along....I had no idea Scarlett Johansson was even co-starring in a Broadway show....however, she won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "A View From The Bridge".  She looked stunning and I thought she gave a great speech.  Plus, her arm candy, her "live in Canadian--as she calls him", husband Ryan Reynolds was there looking de-lish as always.  Here's a few random thoughts I scribbled down throughout the night....
  • Ricky Martin came out of hiding finally....
  • There's really a play called "Superior Donuts"???!  Sounds delightful. 
  • Frasier aka Kelsey Grammar came out....with HAIR?!?!  I later discovered this was just for his performance in La Cage Aux Folles...because when he presented later, it was gone.
  • I'm glad Will Smith and wife Jada didn't bring that son of theres....Jayden....because I would've shouted profanities through my screen...HOW DARE YOU make $56M opening weekend of the Karate Kid BS remake.  Tragic!
  • The drag queens in La Cage Aux Folles wear a cocktail dress better than I ever could...and dance better in heels than I ever could.  Jealous.
  • I didn't QUITE catch WHY Bon Jovi made an appearance...something about the musical "Memphis"....but who cares...its Bon Jovi...say no more. 
  • Angela Lansbury must be 150 years old by now...but she looked STUNNING in a red gown...and she will forever be the teapot from Beauty and the Beast for me....nevermind any of that Murder She Wrote junk. 
  • HELLLOOOOOO Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets....I have no idea what made them ask him to be an announcer, but he is one delicious piece of eye candy...and he loves musicals...I think we should get married now.  Whats Up Mark?  Give me a call.
  • It was hard to believe Catherine Zeta Jones was just making her Broadway debut this year, but she did a stirring rendition of "Send in the Clowns"....something you'll NEVER EVER hear me say....but she sounded amazing.  No clowns for me thank you. 
  • The beautiful and amazing Idina Menzel introduced the performance from RagTime, the revival...I saw Rag Time when I was 16 years old in NYC and I can't believe its already a revival.  Makes me feel old. 
  • One of the funniest quotes of the night....Sean Hayes says "There's Bernadette Peters....yep, thats the BP that ISN'T ruining the planet."  Loves it.
  • Denzel Washington added to his long list of Awards with a Tony for the play Fences...what more can you say....Its DENZEL.
  • Cate Blanchett presented an award wearing something I can only describe as some sort of throwback to David Bowie...some shiny suit thing...very strange.
  • Gleeks all over the Globe we anxiously awaiting Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele....Lea tore the house down with her piece reprised from Glee from "Funny Girl"...she was pulling notes from the pit of her gut, spit was flying...she was brilliant.
  • LOVED the performance from the American Idiot cast....energetic and spastic, just like Green Day...I must see that show.  I'm PISSED they didn't take home best musical, but I'm not surprised.  That honor went to "Memphis".  And that concludes my recap.   Great show!  Until next year....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Video Note

I'm not sure how the video that I posed below shows up on your computer, but on mine, it shows up white, however, just click the play button and you should be able to watch it just fine....its a good one!

Tony Awards June 13!

Those that know me know that my roots run deep in theatre.  For the majority of my growing up, I wanted to be on Broadway (or in a music video for Bon Jovi, but I digress).  I took many trips to NYC to experience the Great White Way in all its glory and to cram as many shows in as I could over a few days spent there.  For me, there is nothing like witnessing the amazing talent of broadway casts live in person.  No auto-tuning on their voices, no cutting and re-doing, just pure raw performance at its best.  I've seen some amazing performers and now am completely proud to call a few friends of mine performers on those stages that we once just looked at from the crowd.  To anyone obsessed with theatre, the Tony Awards are our Oscars.  I'm personally extremely excited to see how actor Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) does as a host.  I am quite the fan of Neil Patrick Harris who is a favorite past-host.  I'm MORE thrilled to be seeing a performance from 'American Idiot' writted based on the music of Green Day's award-winning album, American Idiot.  I love rock operas and I love rock operas that get it right even more.  Queen's rock opera "We Will Rock You" would be an example of one that didn't quite hit the mark....but the music was amazing as expected.  American Idiot is up for several Tonys including Best Musical and the cast will be performing with Green Day.  It should be an epic performance to have the rock and theatre world come together onstage for an explosive performance that should be even bigger than the Grammy performance earlier this year.  For my fellow 'Gleeks' out there, Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison will also be performing.  Here's a video clip from American Idiot.  I'm beyond excited.  And that, my friends, concludes my theatre geek soapbox for the day....

No Thanks, I'll Pass....

Clay Aiken came out of his North Carolina hiding place to be on Chelsea Lately the other night.  He let the world know that he and his American Idol buddy Ruben will be taking the stage together for an upcoming tour....He joked saying that he thought they should actually dress up like Sonny & Cher and take the stage....nothankyou.  I'm not sure how well that tour will go over.  I could be wrong...I guess the "Claymates" as the mom-jeans wearing fans called themselves could still be out there, who knows. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

War of the Weirdos

Let me be the first to say that I personally love BOTH Katy Perry and Lady GaGa.  HOWEVER...that being said...Gaga's new video for 'Alejandro' is causing quite the stir...but not for the controversial reasons you'd think....sure it's got alot of religious references such as GaGa wearing a leather nun habit and putting rosary beads in her mouth and I think I saw a flaming crucifix in there somewhere....I'm not a fan of this kind of setting for a music video not so much for religious purposes (although I certainly don't condone it and think its rather tasteless) but because its been DONE BEFORE.  Hello, Madonna's Like a Prayer video anyone?  In this case, I think Gaga went TOO over to the crazy side.  The men dressed as women, the heart with the spear through it.  Weird. point of this post is now Katy Perry has begun a bit of a war of words with Ms. Gaga via Twitter (of course) stating that "using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke."  I have to agree with Katy on this one.  Although she's 'out there' as well.  That being said...I love both of them as artists and appreciate the talent and creativity but the video for 'Alejandro', while I DO love the song (even though it has a heavy Ace of Base feel to it) was just too much for me...and thats saying alot.  Just my thoughts.

Ralph Macchio's BRILLIANT video via the very first thumbnail.

THIS is better than Ryan Reynolds????

I think NOT....Alanis Morissette got married on May 22 in Los Angeles to rapper "Souleye".  Hmm.  At one time this woman was engaged to that beautiful man known as Ryan each his own...Congrats Alanis. 

CMT Awards Last Night

Because I'm not a huge fan of country music, I honestly forgot these awards were on last case you missed them, here's a list of the winners:

• Video of the Year: Carrie Underwood, "Cowboy Casanova."

• Male Video of the Year: Keith Urban, "'Til Summer Comes Around."

• Female Video of the Year: Miranda Lambert, "White Liar."

• Group Video of the Year: Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now."

• Duo Video of the Year: Brooks & Dunn, "Indian Summer."

• USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year: Luke Bryan, "Do I."

• Collaborative Video of the Year: Blake Shelton featuring Trace Adkins, "Hillbilly Bone."

• CMT Performance of the Year: Carrie Underwood, "Temporary Home."

This photo says it all.....

This photo is from the premier of the new "Karate Kid"...I shutter calling it that...oh well...the look on Ralph Macchio's face says it all.  Dude is NOT into it.  Nor should he be.