Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Kidding....You Don't Say?

According to People Magazine, the Bachelor's Jake Pavelka and that Vienna weirdo have split.  Gosh, I didn't see this one coming from a zillion miles away.  Did anyone even GET this anyway?  I only watched one episode of the Bachelor and it was early on and featured Vienna being a complete moron to get Jake's attention...not unlike the other girls in the cast....but I was shocked when I heard that he actually picked her at the end.  First of all, these shows are completely stupid...no one should be shocked when this forced nonsense doesn't work out....but these two just blew my mind.  He actually seemed half way normal, but then I guess that may not be entirely true seeing as how he went on the show in the first place....but he's a pilot and I love that.  One bonus point there for Jake.  No points for Vienna who just looked like a fame-whore to me the few times I saw her.  SO...anyway....that's that.  Another one bites the dust. Actually, now that I think about it, it doesn't seem to be going to well for the Bachelorette Ali (or however you spell it)...I don't watch that either, but I read about it and she seems to be getting some real duds on that show, so maybe Jake and Ali will re-unite in the end.  Who knows.  And lets be honest....who REALLY cares?

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  1. They were G-ross! He did seem normal at first, but then he came on DWTS and acted like a total toolbag. I guess this means that Vienna will move back to the swamp and we can't be BFF's. Darn!