Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SCRAM Lindsay Lohan

Ugh Lindsay...get yourself together woman. According to pretty much ALL the entertainment sites out there, lil Miss Lohan has been served a $200,000 arrest warrant by her judge for her SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet going off and showing "small amounts" of alcohol. Is this girl just plain missing her brain? She's on a rollercoaster to NOWHERE and its going down pretty damn fast. Its painful to watch her and you have to wonder what all she's on exactly since she seems to be the only one not getting it. I don't t see this one making a big comeback, a'la Britney style either. I never found her overly talented to begin with so I don't see how that's possible. Girl just has to be in the press I suppose. They always say bad press is better than no this case, I fail to see that.

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