Friday, June 4, 2010

File this under DUH....

Little Miss Socially Awkward USA, Kristen Stewart is under fire because of some comments she made in British Elle Magazine.  People Magazine reports that Kristen was quoted in the magazine comparing the paparazzi hounding her to being.....wait for it....raped.  Way to have a case of verbal diarreah there Kristen.  Of course there's backlash.  She's going on a major apologizing kick right now and she should.  Kristen says using the word "violated" would've been much more appropriate.  REALLY?  You know, I don't have any sympathy for celebrities that get hounded by the paparazzi....sure, it would suck to have cameras and pushy people constantly in your face, but you know what?  This is the career YOU chose.  You are currently starring in the most popular series of movies to hit the theatres probably since Star Wars.  Maybe?  Anyway...I don't feel sorry for you.  And lets stop with the mopey face, I'm-always-sad-and-depressed-and-all-emo-whatever.  You're a public figure.  Deal with it.  Just my humble opinion.

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