Friday, June 25, 2010

Filthy is RIGHT. now you should probably have realized that absolutely nothing I post on this page is actually newsworthy....its mindless chatter that I enjoy rambling about and usually ranting about.  Some people just make it TOO easy for me though...and by "some people", I mean these Jersey Shore tools.  Yesterday I posted that The Situation (whatever) was launching some cheap clothing JWoww and that Snookers girl are launching a line of sunglasses....and the name.....FILTHY COUTURE.  Filthy is about right.  Anyway, here's what JWoww told People Magazine about their sunglasses and other fashion ventures they hope to get into,  “I would love to see Lady Gaga in one of my bathing suits,” she revealed. “I’d love to open PEOPLE magazine and see her in one of my bathing suits on the beach. That would be…like, it.” The budding designer also had some style ideas for A-lister elites Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie: “I’d put them in more like an evening gown…strapless, no rhinestones or crystals. They’re like glam…glam classic… you want to keep it like that.”  Ok.  The day a Jersey Shore jerk like this gets a designer job for Jennfier Aniston or Angelina, I think will be the day we can officially predict the end of the world being upon us.  I mean, because these two are the epitome of "glamorous".

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