Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously. GROSS.

WTF was Miley Cyrus thinking when she looked in the mirror before taking the stage at the Toronto MuchMusic Awards this past weekend?  How much is she paying her costume designer because I'm pretty sure a 5 year old could've designed that white outfit and that black getup looks like the dollar tree version of Lady GaGa.  I do not get this chick.  I wish bazillions of girls weren't looking up to her.  I predict in 3-5 years from now this girl has a breakdown.  She's well on her way.


  1. 'Dollar Tree Version of Lady Gaga' - I love it! The worse this girl gets, the more Selena Gomez I play for the girls. Time for a new celebrity crush!

  2. Actually the black outfit reminded me of the outfit Cher wore in one of her videos, If I Could Turn Back Time (I think)... mostly fish net with a strategically placed black V that showed off her tatooed back side.