Friday, June 25, 2010

Uh-Oh, I hear a backlash coming...Maybe....

Well well well...last night was the Twilight: Eclipse premiere in LA and the writer of the saga, Stephanie Meyer, let People Magazine in on some secrets regarding the NEXT in the Twilight series which will be Breaking Dawn.  She told People, "You will see sex – Yes!" She went on to say, "The relationship [between Pattinson's Edward and Stewart's Bella] does go all the way in the book, so in the movie, it will as well. You are going to see more skin in Breaking Dawn than you did in the other films." She also went on to say that she didn't know if the added material would get the film an R rating rather than its usual PG-13 rating.  Now, I have to give you a disclaimer, as if you didn't already know, I am NOT a Twilight fan.  I tried reading the first book and may very well be the only female ALIVE that didn't like it.  I also saw parts of the first film, again, didn't care.  I don't know what it is, I guess this vampire craze that has hit the country's tween and adult females just doesn't do anything for me.  I missed the memo on that one.  That being said, I think this could go 2 ways.  One, I think if the marketing execs for these films are SMART, they will keep it a PG-13 rating since that is their target (and largest) demographic. It would be absolutely stupid and tragic (for the success of the film) to target a more mature audience by giving Breaking Dawn an R rating.  I just don't think it would happen.  Second, IF they go with as much sex and skin as they're predicting--and films can get away with ALOT for PG-13--I think there will be an uproar of angry parents.  Angry parents that will want to know WHY the saga sucked in their daughters (no pun intended) only to put sex and other things that are too grown up in front of them.  You know it will happen.  There will be a "controversy" on whether or not the new film is too provacative for the target audience.  We shall see.  I think it will be interesting.  On a side note...this photo is from the premiere last night.  I actually think Kristen Stewart looks amazing.  Love the mini-dress....but WHAT in 1970s hell is Robert Pattinson wearing?  Why does he always look stoned out of his mind?  Anyway....moving on.

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