Friday, June 4, 2010

Shame on you Miley

Miley are not Lady GaGa...nor are you Britney Spears...the only thing you have in common with Britney is that you WERE a Disney you seem to be having trouble finding your identity.  This mess of a performance on Britain's Got Talent is worth a watch...we have Ms. Miley looking like she's trying awfully hard to be GaGa, then we have her "fake kissing" a girl dancer...WTF?  This isn't what Hannah Montana is supposed to be doing!!!  Nevermind that you cannot sing worth a damn.  You need to get your stuff straight girlfriend.  Decide.  I'm not a big fan of you anyway so what you decide to do really doesn't matter to me....HOWEVER....those bazillions of 12 year old girls out there that witnessed you stomping around like Lady GaGa's challenged 3rd cousin and kissing a girl like its no big deal may decide its ok to go out and do the same thing....that's a scary thought.  For those of you that have 2 minutes to's the video link.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that she needs to make up her mind on the persona she would like to portray. The performance was not all bad. The trying to kiss a girl part was lame. It just doesn't gel with her character. She is trying to evolve too fast. She is not the bubble gum kid anymore, nor is she Madonna in her prime. A happy medium would probably hit the mark at this point.