Monday, June 14, 2010


Good Morning Poppers....
After my LOOONG re-cap of the Tony Awards from last night...I just have a few bits to share with you....first of all...Happy Birthday Boy George...he's 49 today and let me tell ya...this was the first time I can remember seeing a dude in full on woman makeup when I was little and I must say I was thoroughly confused for a moment.  Next...someone please tell me how Karate Kid managed to rake in $56M at the box office this weekend and become the #1 movie?  I'm still boycotting it.  I refuse to contribute and pay to go see it.  I actually had someone ask me if I wanted to go see it with him...and then he took his offer back saying "no,'ll annoy the shit out of me during it."  Probably true.  Definitely true.  Ugh.  Oh, and I am not a big Letterman fan...every now and then I'll turn it on, but I'm not a regular viewer...and later on this week won't be my time to become one either...little Miss Hillbilly USA (Miley Cyrus) will take the stage at Letterman for the first time ever.....and my ears will weep.  But not really, because I won't be watching...they'll just KNOW and they'll weep for the souls of those who ARE watching.  That's all for now...the day is young Poppers...I'll return. 

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