Monday, June 14, 2010

Tony Awards 2010 Re-Cap

Ok, I took pages of notes last night and they are in chicken scratch so we'll see if I can make sense of them today.  First of all, I thought these Tonys were one of the best I've seen in a long time.  I didn't think I could like anyone more than Neil Patrick Harris as the host, but Sean Hayes proved me wrong in SO many ways.  Loved him.  I'll get to him in his own post.  The show opened with a medley from several of the newer shows on Broadway this season...I had forgotten La Cage Aux Folles was being revived again...thats a hilarious show...its the musical version of 'The Birdcage' starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.  But I was beyond thrilled to see what I thought was going to be just a short performance by the cast of 'American Idiot' turn into an amazing short rock concert from Green Day.  To see the typically stuffy Broadway crowd in their tuxes jamming to Green Day was awesome.  At one point the cameras panned to Lea Michele of Glee and I saw her mouth the word "amazing"....amazing was right.  On to the awards....and I should warn you that I really have a hard time paying attention to much other than musicals.  The plays don't do a whole lot for me....what's that you say?  I'm not a TRUE fan of the theatre....oh please....this is the same girl that upon getting in trouble when I was younger and being sent to my room, would go in there and blast SHOWTUNES, like the major rebel that I was.  I'm a fan of the theatre, I just have a soft spot for the musicals.  Moving along....I had no idea Scarlett Johansson was even co-starring in a Broadway show....however, she won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "A View From The Bridge".  She looked stunning and I thought she gave a great speech.  Plus, her arm candy, her "live in Canadian--as she calls him", husband Ryan Reynolds was there looking de-lish as always.  Here's a few random thoughts I scribbled down throughout the night....
  • Ricky Martin came out of hiding finally....
  • There's really a play called "Superior Donuts"???!  Sounds delightful. 
  • Frasier aka Kelsey Grammar came out....with HAIR?!?!  I later discovered this was just for his performance in La Cage Aux Folles...because when he presented later, it was gone.
  • I'm glad Will Smith and wife Jada didn't bring that son of theres....Jayden....because I would've shouted profanities through my screen...HOW DARE YOU make $56M opening weekend of the Karate Kid BS remake.  Tragic!
  • The drag queens in La Cage Aux Folles wear a cocktail dress better than I ever could...and dance better in heels than I ever could.  Jealous.
  • I didn't QUITE catch WHY Bon Jovi made an appearance...something about the musical "Memphis"....but who cares...its Bon Jovi...say no more. 
  • Angela Lansbury must be 150 years old by now...but she looked STUNNING in a red gown...and she will forever be the teapot from Beauty and the Beast for me....nevermind any of that Murder She Wrote junk. 
  • HELLLOOOOOO Mark Sanchez from the New York Jets....I have no idea what made them ask him to be an announcer, but he is one delicious piece of eye candy...and he loves musicals...I think we should get married now.  Whats Up Mark?  Give me a call.
  • It was hard to believe Catherine Zeta Jones was just making her Broadway debut this year, but she did a stirring rendition of "Send in the Clowns"....something you'll NEVER EVER hear me say....but she sounded amazing.  No clowns for me thank you. 
  • The beautiful and amazing Idina Menzel introduced the performance from RagTime, the revival...I saw Rag Time when I was 16 years old in NYC and I can't believe its already a revival.  Makes me feel old. 
  • One of the funniest quotes of the night....Sean Hayes says "There's Bernadette Peters....yep, thats the BP that ISN'T ruining the planet."  Loves it.
  • Denzel Washington added to his long list of Awards with a Tony for the play Fences...what more can you say....Its DENZEL.
  • Cate Blanchett presented an award wearing something I can only describe as some sort of throwback to David Bowie...some shiny suit thing...very strange.
  • Gleeks all over the Globe we anxiously awaiting Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele....Lea tore the house down with her piece reprised from Glee from "Funny Girl"...she was pulling notes from the pit of her gut, spit was flying...she was brilliant.
  • LOVED the performance from the American Idiot cast....energetic and spastic, just like Green Day...I must see that show.  I'm PISSED they didn't take home best musical, but I'm not surprised.  That honor went to "Memphis".  And that concludes my recap.   Great show!  Until next year....

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