Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have got NO LOVE for the "New Karate Kid" nonsensical movie that is coming out.  Let me tell you why...if you don't already know...I have a serious love for the original Karate Kid...I was 3 years old when I first saw it and its the first movie I actually remember seeing...don't we all have one of those from our childhood?  Its symbolic, its special...its the connection to your youth.  Ralph Macchio was my first celebrity crush and still holds that position today.  I had his Tiger Beat posters on my bedroom wall.  I have never squealed so loudly as the day I saw him debut on 'Ugly Betty'.  I digress....the original Karate Kid was a simple movie for simpler times.  Expectations weren't high and it wasn't a  blockbuster.  Simple "good guy" vs "bad guy", feel-good ending...overall good sports movie.  IT IS A CLASSIC STAPLE OF THE 80s, which in my humble opinion is one of the best genres of movies.  Has Hollywood completely died of writer's block?  No, because good material is still coming out--granted alot LESS thanks to reality TV and OTHER remakes which require no original script material or concept.  What I would like to know though, is WHO sat around and decided they could remake the Karate Kid, but COMPLETELY change the storyline and even the martial art...we're talking Kung Fu now instead of Karate.  And Jackie Chan?  Come on.  The movie is completely different, minus a few jabs at the original.  I'm not seeing this garbage.  Ralph himself has even said he didn't believe lightning could be caught in a bottle twice.  Well said Mr. Macchio.  I agree.  Hollywood, you hurt me on this one. 

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