Friday, August 6, 2010

80s Commercials!

In honor of Miss Punky's birthday, I've decided to include a compliation of some great 80s commercials. I just happened upon this one and I found it amazing the stuff I remembered and actually had...I was such a sucker for advertising and still am...With all the food/candy commercials, its amazing I wasn't a fatter little kid. Here's the list for this the whole thing if you can...its pretty awesome:

1. Crispy Critters cereal
2. Sugar Smacks cereal
3. Twizzlers
4. Dream Glow Barbie
5. Sunkist Dinosaur Fruit Snacks
6. Hershey's chocolate syrup
7. The Clapper
8. C-3PO's cereal
9. Underoos Fashion Underwear
10. MOTU Castle Grayskull
11. Freshen-Up Gum
12. Big League Chew
13. MOTU Dragon Blaster Skeletor
14. Starburst fruit chews
15. Water Wiggle
16. G.I. Joe Shadow Ninjas are my thoughts on some of these....first...a low sugar cereal? No thank you...the very first the fact the cereal was shaped like hippos...sweet...but I was NOT a no sugar kind of kid. Pass. Second, did people really eat Sugar Smacks while they were bowling? I think not. But I still love that cereal. RALPHIE from a Christmas Story hawking chocolate syrup. Loves it. UNDEROOS....I bet these girls are showgirls now. What an awful (hilarious) commercial. Underoos did not compare to my Jem underwear thank you very much. WHAT THE HELL is going on with that overly sexual gum commercial... "The gum that SQUIRTS"....I almost choked on my coffee watching that. Big League Chew was a staple of my outstanding Tee Ball and Softball days. You could often spot me either on the bench...or in the outfield, far away from any action with a big wad of that crap in my mouth....and spitting proudly. On to the Water Wiggle...that thing was super fun until it went out of control and smacked the hell out of you. Enjoy!

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