Friday, August 27, 2010

Things that are DUMB.

The Alaskan dipshit known as Levi Johnston has a case of verbal diarrhea again....although his on/off woman Bristol Palin isn't much better.  I nearly choked when I found out she was going to be on 'Dacing with the Stars'.  Why? WHY?!  Did I miss the memo when she became a 'star'?  Or even a has-been?  This girl is only known for being a pregnant teenager with a politician mother.  What the hell?  And she was with a guy dumber than a box of rocks.  Anyway, I could go on all day about this because you know I hate nothing more than illegitimate 'celebrities'....BUT, douchebag Levi spewed to People Magazine these gems: 
On fame:  "I don't think I'm any more obsessed with making a career out of this than she is," the recent Playgirl model said in an interview that ran Friday on CBS's Early Show. "Obviously she's doing Dancing with the Stars. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with any of it. I'm just taking it as it comes."  As if that wasn't bad enough....on running for Mayor in some town no one has ever heard of in Alaska:  "I don't think being mayor is about qualifications. I think it's about people liking you and believing in you," he said. But he noted: "If we do win, I'm going to have to give up Hollywood for three years."   I guess if he wins Mayor, he'll have to give up that Playgirl Magazine dream.  And you know what?  To the residents of that podunk Alaskan town, IF you vote him for all should just crawl into hibernation and not come out because you're dumber than I thought.  Now, on with my day....

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