Friday, July 30, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

This is one movie that I have seen several previews for and I thought it had potential to be funny, but was sure it would get panned by the critics as just another dumb remake of a foreign film.  Apparently the critics love it....I cannot wait to see this.  I think it looks like something totally different than whats been out for a while, so I'm excited.  USAToday gives it 3 out of 4 stars. The film starring Paul Rudd and Steve Carell is a remake of the 1998 french film The Dinner Game and basically consists of snobby, money hungrey execs in competition to see who can bring the most dimwitted fool to dinner.  According to the review from USAToday,  Tim (Rudd) is an ambitious financial analyst who gets roped into the aforementioned dinner by his boss (Bruce Greenwood), who insists he attend as he dangles a promotion. Tim's art curator girlfriend, Julie (Stephanie Szostak), is appalled by the idea, and Tim's decency makes him initially resist attending.  But an unexpected encounter with Barry (Carell) as he retrieves a dead mouse from a busy street provides Tim with his ideal dinner companion.  Rudd is a deft straight man, with subtly humorous moves and deadpan reactions.  Carell strikes comic gold as a bucktoothed taxman, always clad in a windbreaker and sporting a bad toupee of indescribable hue. He's unpredictable and strange, popping off with bizarrely funny comments at inopportune moments. Barry slathers himself in bad aftershave to cover up the stench of formaldehyde that dogs him as a result of his hobby fashioning intricate mouse dioramas. Though he works at the IRS, his mouse passion defines him.  These ridiculously detailed mouse tableaux are the movie's funniest running gags, and the "Tower of Dreams" Barry demonstrates at the dinner party elicits some of the biggest laughs.

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