Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Under D-Bag in the find...The Situation

This guy, The Situation, needs a good slap upside the head as well.  Here's the latest verbal diarreah he got with People Magazine when asked about all of his recent "success"....“Maybe it’s the abs or maybe it’s the green eyes,” the Jersey Shore star, nicknamed ‘The Situation,’ told PEOPLE Saturday at Las Vegas’s Sugar Factory. “The Situation does look pretty good on TV, so maybe that’s what it is.”  Then goes on to say....“He’s got a lot going on. He’s got a clothing line, songs, he’s all over the place,” Sorrentino said, in the third person, of his upcoming projects. “I’ll congratulate ‘The Situation’ myself. He’s doing pretty good.”  You know who's a TOTAL TOOL?  YOU ARE Situation.  Referring to yourself in the 3rd person....I just don't like this guy at all.  He says he hopes his success will lead to scripted movies soon.  I'm sure it will.  And I'm also sure that it will end up as a D movie that goes straight to the sale bin at Hastings before anyone has ever even heard of it.  What a dipshit.

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