Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Franco....

This may be the final posting for Daily Franco....that will depend on a few things...I'm waiting to hear back from my friend at ABC to fill me in on his "death" on General feeling is that once again the "end" was left to open as it was last time and he's going to re-appear.  Or maybe I'm just not ready to part ways with that beautiful face being a daily presence on my TV screen.'s some photo from Russia's Glamour magazine...I guess in Russia they put eyeliner on their boys for photos....I dig.  The next photo is his movie poster for the film Howl, which he showed at Sundance earlier this year.  There's some Oscar buzz around this film...its a little too early to tell I think and I don't think this will be a mainstream success simply because you have to know and understand and apppreciate the works of Allen Ginsberg to be into this we shall see.  Its set to hit theatres this fall.

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