Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!

Corey Feldman turns 39 today...Happy Birthday!  I've chosen a picture of Corey Feldman from the movie 'Stand By Me' of the greatest movies ever, in my humble opinion.  Plus I like this photo...Corey, a very young and pudgy Jerry O'Connell, a young River Phoenix and a young Wil Wheaton.  All greats.  And then of course I had to throw in a Goonies pic.  In honor of Corey's birthday go watch a classic or two...Stand By Me...The Lost Boys....GOONIES.....and if you've never seen the movie 'The 'Burbs'....starring Tom Hanks along with Corey...I highly recommend  Another excellent 80s flick.  Go get it.  Hell, its probably in the $2 bin at Hastings.  So, I'm not going to post about how messed up Corey has been since the 80s. We'll celebrate him as a child star.  Happy Birthday Mouth!

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