Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, if you heard raucous cackling last night and endless yelling of "yesssss!" that would've been ME laughing hysterically at Miss Lindsay Lohan getting a tiny taste of justice yesterday in court.  She was sentenced to 90 days in the chokey for several violations of her parole for alcohol and drug related offenses that go back as far as 3 years.  FINALLY girl gave a great performance worthy of an Oscar in those crocodile tears she cried after the verdict came out.  Also with her speech of excuses she gave (see video below).  Normally celebrities get about 5 minutes in jail when they're served, but sources are saying this judge is going to be extra hard on Lohan to prove a point to celebrities out there that they have to obey the law too.  We'll see.  I bet she serves a week, if that...due to "overcrowding".  In any case, I'm glad a judge finally stood up to this MESS of a girl.  She needs a swift kick in the head.  Get it together Lohan!

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