Monday, July 12, 2010

Babs is Recovered!

About 2 months ago, Barbara Walters underwent surgery to replace a leaky valve in her heart.  Pretty major stuff....she popped in on her ladies at The View today to check in and let them know how she's doing.  She says she's fully recovered.  "I am fully recovered!" she announced. Walters did a little name-dropping, praising her fans and friends — Hillary Clinton, Woody Allen and Queen Rania of Jordan — for their well-wishes, though she admitted that seeing the reports of her health were "like reading my own obituary." 
After explaining how the doctor replaced a valve, she clarified, "In my case an animal valve, either from a pig or a cow…I was glad it was a cow, because I didn't think the pig was kosher."  Hmm...yuck.  In any case, I'm glad Babs is recovered....she needs to get back to The View...those other ladies, minus Whoopie, drive me NUTS.  (Quotes via

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