Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drew? Where's the other half of you???

Now...don't get me wrong...I am ALL for people getting healthy and being in shape and living longer, etc...but this recent picture of Drew Carey shocked me just a bit....Not only is he seriously smaller than he was before, but is it just me or does this photo kind of make him look....old?   USAToday released the photo on their Lifeline Live today...they also went on to say that the Enquirer (which is 100% credible) had previously reported that Drew was losing weight the old fashioned way by dieting and exercising....then most recently stated that he was on special appetite suppressants made by a Hollywood nutritionist.  Well that doesn't sound good.  In any case, I hope Drew is healthy and remains healthy....I actually really like this guy.  I'm not home during the day to catch him on Price is Right so I have no idea if this was a sudden thing or a gradual process....oh well.  Be healthy Drew!

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