Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ugh...First Thing in the Morning.....?

It may be Tuesday on the calendar, but it may as well be Monday in my heart...Tuesdays back to work after a long holiday weekend are rough enough...I did NOT need the first thing I saw this morning to be a little blurb via People Magazine telling me that Kate Hudson and MUSE frontman Matt Bellamy are getting serious enough for him to actually meet her parents.  I say that with a little bit of an eye roll because who are we kidding?  Its Kate Hudson.  She makes her way through famous men faster than I could make my way through a tub of movie theatre popcorn.  However this one hurts.  Matt Bellamy may not be the big A-lister that she's known for being around, but he IS the frontman for the British band MUSE and most of you readers know how I adore this band and I think he's brilliant....TOO brilliant for HER.  Not a fan.  And I doubt it will last.  Ugh.  Moving on....

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