Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ughhh....Another year of this...

So...if you're one of those people that likes the ridiculous show Jersey Shore....and yes, I know some of you DO because you tell me you "just watch it for a laugh"...yeah right...nice cover...I know you're secretly obsessed with it...its ok...if thats your guilty my guest.  I have watched an episode or two myself and really just can't stand it.  But looks like I'm going to have to stand these ridiculous "celebrities" being in my face for another 15 minutes of fame since MTV has signed them for a 3rd season...and a pay raise.  Here's what MTV had to say, “MTV is pleased that the Jersey Shore cast are returning to Seaside Heights to continue production on season 3,” a rep for the network tells PEOPLE. “Not only have they become a part of the MTV family, but fans worldwide have fallen in love with them.”

 What's really gross about this whole thing is that these kids are making ALOT of money for just being themselves.  Nevermind the rest of us that bust our ass in school and at work and won't see a fraction of that....hell, put ME on the Jersey Shore...I'll go get spray-tanned to hell, fist-pump at some cheesy nightclub, fight with my roomates and be friends with Snooks (whatever her name is)....I will never understand the intrigue of this show....and I'm a fan of some reality stuff....but not this.  But there you have it....I know some of you will be happy its sticking to celebrate, go get a spray tan, put a bumpit in your hair and strut your stuff proudly.

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