Monday, October 4, 2010


....Helen Mirren, not Russell Brand.  Seriously, let's be honest...Helen Mirren is a total fox...not only is she damn near a GOD for being 65 and having that body, but she's brutally honest, such a spitfire and wicked talented to boot.  I  bow down.  And I love that Russell Brand finds her dead sexy as well.  I like  Russell Brand...sure, he looks like he never showers and I imagine he has horrendous breath (I have no grounds for making such a statement of course, but I feel as though it could be true), but truth be told, he can rock a pair of leather pants and spit nails with that My Fair Lady-esque accent of is and there's just something about the entire package that I rather enjoy....He recently told People Magazine what he thought of his co-star in The Tempest...."Confidence. Potency. Female energy. Roaring estrogen.  "She's got that potency, doesn't she?" he said. That's why she can play queens and leaders."  Of course he also went on to state, "Women are, of course, powerful, feral creatures – the Earth being so female, the cosmos, even, perhaps being a female instinct, creating life," he said. "If women get in tune to that energy, it'll destroy us all."  
Yes Mr. afraid. 

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