Friday, October 8, 2010

Ke$ha's new video is Ke$HIT.

What the F--K is this acid trip of a mess?  Honestly, I'm almost offended.  This is the biggest piece of auto-tune garbage I've seen in quite some time and this chick has 3 hits on the radio?  Please explain.  First off, that shit on her lips looks like she took one of those Robin Egg candies that are really malted milk balls, only painted blue for Easter....anyway....looks like she painted her lips blue with one of those and then seriously tripped on something and made this cheap, nasty video.  Do you know what it smells like in New York City when you're walking over the Subway grates on the sidewalk?  That hot steam comes up and it just smells like burnt hair and urine?  That's what I imagine all of them in this video collectively smell like.  I've had a problem with Ke$hit since day 1....first of all, she doesn't sing.  I don't know what you call what she does, but its not singing.  Second, she appears to be a dime store version of Lady Gaga.  And I feel like she has bad B.O.  I have no grounds for that comment, but its my personal opinion so it's this ridiculous piss-poor "music video" if you care to watch it.  Purely AWFUL. 

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