Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maybe YOU can be Donnie Wahlberg's 'Cover Girl'....

So...if you recall, yesterday just as I was leaving work, it came to my attention that Donnie Wahlberg, the resident "badboy" of New Kids on the Block is officially back ON the market.  The report said that he and his wife of 9 years, Kim, officially have split.  They have 2 sons together.  NOW...Let me tell you something.  Circa 1987-1992, I loved me some Donnie.  I loved NKOTB for that matter.  I took it upon myself to educate my friends at school, even the boys, on this musical phenom.  I ran my own fan club.  I owned hundreds and hundreds of trading cards, I owned bedsheets, shoelaces, stickers, t-shirts, a jacket, lunchbox, posters out the ass, pins and those GIANT buttons that cost like $10 a piece because they were the size of your head, I had every single one of those.  That store Spencers in the mall carried all kinds of NKOTB junk and every single week, once I got my allowance, I went and bought new stuff.  I made it a mission to completely cover the entire front of my jean jacket with obnoxious buttons.  I saw them in concert during their Magic Summer tour at Busch Stadium in St. Louis in 1988....I saw them on their latest tour in 2008 at Scottrade Center.  Oh...I forgot, I had the NKOTB dolls as well.  I also proudly owned all of their music videos and 'movies' on VHS....and made any friend that came over watch them.  They also put out some books....I owned those as well.  I even went so far as to get dressed up one day so my mom could take my photo next to each individual poster that was hanging in my room....I figured that was the closest I'd ever get to meeting them.  Don't give me the side eye....it was COOL.  And Donnie was the coolest of them all.  Not the best singer...but who's really paying attention anyway?  So, Donnie's a free man now ladies...GO GET HIM.  And I know some of you who read this work for radio stations and met them on their last tour...you suck.  Just kidding.  Here's some photos and yes, here's Hangin' Tough (the original)....I couldn't find a good copy of 'Cover Girl'.....ENJOY. 

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